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10 years after hybernation - '75 280z

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Did you purchase the proper clutch slave + clutch master cylinder for a 75 280Z? I believe they do differ depending on whether you have a 5 speed or 4 speed, as there are different throw out bearing lengths (inside transmission bell housing). 



The 4 speed and 5 speed slave cylinders are the same, or at the very least they can be used interchangeably. 

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Working on Power Lock and Power Window.


I purchased SPAL Two-Door Power Lock Kit 37000148 and switch.

Also, I purchase power window kit VPA-80127C from local guy @ craigslist. It's old model, but it's brand new.



First, I cleaned up and paint center console.



Cut the hole for the power window switches.

post-25175-0-86382500-1398053679_thumb.jpgpost-25175-0-07263600-1398053686_thumb.jpg Try to avoid breaking nut hole of the ashtray holding screw.


The SPAL kit comes with paper model to easily to place and make a hole.



I need to trim a bit of the actuator since it grinding window frame.



Also, the holding parts of of the rod is not wide enough hole. I need to make it bigger hole.



and installed!


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Hi terse,



I used SEM Landau Black 15013 spary for all interior.



My original interior panel was brown and I wanted change to black interior.



First of all, wash and cleaned up with TSP.



Then, spray SEM 38363 Sand Free





While the paint is still wet, I spray the SEM Landau Black 2-3 coating.



This paint is stink! But once it get dry, it beautiful flat (egg shell) black.



You can paint it vinyl surface too.



You can see the difference of the cheap black paint on the dash panel.




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It's been busy after starting new job few weeks ago.

I started working on fixing crack of my dash.


I need to remove dash in order to install side trim interior anyway before install from windshield.



I removed dash carefully not to add more crack damage.



Some of the gauge is harder to remove due to the deform of the dash.



So, I follow typical instruction to fill "Gap Remover" from HomeDepot.



Then Bumper repair.



I can't find NAPA's bumper repair anywhere @ eBay, I used JB Weld instead after 1st sanding.


Sanding, new crack show up ,JB Weld to fill,

Sanding, new crack show up ,JB Weld to fill, 

Sanding, new crack show up ,JB Weld to fill, .... I kept repeating several times...




Try & error, Oversanding...



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Hi Perfect240z,


I already cut the fenders to fit those big tires:-)


I kept using JB Weld to fix the dash, but it causes another crack while sanding....

Got better bondo.




And Primer



Bumper texture. I paint too close distance. a lot of dripping...


A bit too shiny. 



Final flat black interior paint.



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Tamo, a few quick questions about your body work. 


What kind of primer did you use after you put a coat of epoxy primer on?

Did you sand the epoxy primer as well?


I didn't see much from your body/paint posts, but could you describe a bit more in detail your whole process from bare metal to final paint and clear coat?


Your thread has been super helpful!

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