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10 years after hybernation - '75 280z

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Working on Door Glass Window Run Felt Rubber Seal replacement.

There is a metal plate which old the felt inside was totally rusted. 


Using a wire brush to remove rust and use Rust Resolver gel to remove rust completely.






You can see Before and After!



The felt was hold by metal staple, but I don't have it. I used T21 instead.









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found a leak from front right side of brake caliper.

It leaks from the bottom of the caliper.



Went to pick and Pull and get another caliper from 4Runner. It was pretty clean and looks like rebuild recently.

Use wire brush to remove surface rust and use PRO15 metal prep to clean up.


Then, paint Red using DupliColor.




Need to wait a couple of days to completely dry.




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Installing glass fiber bumper.

I purchased this bumper long time ago through local Craigslist.


For the body side bracket, I purchased from EuroDat @ Classic Z community.



It's very strong and fit really well to the body.




I welded the bolts to the bracket and put glass fiber sheets.




Add a couple more glass fiber sheets to make it durable.



Test fitting is great.

But I need to think about what I should do for the side of the bumper. I don't have holes to bolt on to the body...


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My key is worn out. I can take it out while running the engine. My previous 240z had the same issue.


Hmm... Photoshop Mosaic filter effect is not good idea to apply here... It looks like a #$%^@.


I'd like to make a new key to cut based on the key code.

I found online site that help me to cut the key based on the code.



Waiting for their reply....


I also look for blank key for the same shape of this key, but I can't find on eBay...


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I just wanted to chime in and say good job for concealing the key code in the image (a lot of people don't realize how easy they are to measure)


I think a competent locksmith should be able to help you with measuring and cutting new keys, but I feel like the problem might be in the ignition cylinder itself. You could also look online for some references to use photoshop or another tool to measure the code yourself based on your picture. If it still works, it hasn't deviated much from the original measurements and the heights are standardized, though finding the exact standard may be a bit of a trick.


Calipers can also measure the bitting height.

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