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What part would you like 3d printed?

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Hey Hybridz! Im trying to start a business doing 3d printing and thought what better way than to start with anything datsun? I was looking for what parts people would be interested in having printed. Be it to have a part thats custom made or that its hard to find, or its just cheaper to print! doing some basic numbers and it looks like things will be costing anywhere from 1-2$ per gram of filament needed for the print. 


Some common parts ill be trying to produce


-oil cap

-heater vents

-fuse cover 

- inside door handle thing 

- shifters

-datsun emblems and more


Let me know what youd be interested in having printed! Im hoping to source some of the cad files and can do custom requests too


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My Cad skills are still evolving so im hoping to start with basic things, like that face plate! and then dive into more complex things. The shifter and the bezels are all possible.... The thin metal layer on top of the faceplate might be difficult but it could be painted to look metal? There are also certain filaments that can print to look like they are metal but cost more! If you want PM me and we can start working on something! Id need some dimensions and pictures but if its less than 10"x10"x10" it can be made. 


     shifter Map shouldnt be a problem, could be just a flat piece with the numbers and stuff raised, the only problem would be the clear coating ontop if you want something like the picture you posted, but if you just want something to fill the hole at the top of the shifter i can make it work.


      For the Bezel, might just be difficult for me at least because the measurements would need to be exact and can vary alot from different gauges and different cars... However if theres a file floating out there that works and you want to try it id be more than happy to print it for you!


PM me if you want to talk about specifics! thanks for far for the ideas

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its possible to print in a carbon fiber reinforced material (very expensive and causes alot of wear on the 3d printer), or it can be wrapped or dipped after the fact to look like it.


my build volume for a single part is 10"x10"x10". if what you want can be compromised of many parts then of course larger. parts printed in abs can be chemically fused together, pla can be glued if needed. hope that helps!

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just got a small 3d scanner so will be working on making some things.


glove boxes might just be on the edge of my printers ability but i will look into it. If anyone has measurements for theirs that would be greatly appreciated! seeing as my z currently doesnt have a glove box...


Fusible link covers shouldnt be a problem at all. Will get to working on that, if anyone has done a design for it please let me know!


I'm actually working on the 240z fuze box cover for myself to have some cool switches too! 


Thanks for the input it is all greatly appreciated and clearly i have some work ahead of me

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