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New topstage z kit

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Skyline-that body kit is insane!

I have a bolt-on/bolt-off airdam that I use for standing mile. I have to transport the airdam in the bed of my truck and install it when I get to the event after my car is off the trailer. Even at 3" off the pavement, it is too low, when the front lip is way in front of the front tires, to allow loading/unloading. Perhaps someday I will make a version that comes on and off quickly with dzus fasteners. But other priorities at present.

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On 08/08/2017 at 2:25 PM, RebekahsZ said:

Looks great so long as you never try to load it on a trailer or go over a bump on the street, or jump curbing at the track, or take out a cone.


Depends how serious you are, low gives more grip. Make the front part removable and use a  low loading trailer works.

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On 12/5/2017 at 11:57 AM, skyline240z said:

Thanks 260det

lol, that's always the problem with Z owners, kits like that they only wants to pay $500 or less 👎. I'm making molds for it, but don't think anyone will pay what's it worth.


Any updates? Cost? Availability? Website, Instagram, or FB?

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