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Home Built Z 'Full video build'

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Don't lie @cgsheen, you just find it as hilarious as I do watching Jeff perform the same job 3 times. 😂

Poly bushings on the compression rod?  You'll need to replace the poly bushing on the back side with a rubber bushing - otherwise you'll probably break the compression rod.  Ask me how I know...  Ther

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Or a g-machine ball and socket setup.


I'd say from down right stupid to ideal.

Weld it to the frame, poly bushings both sides, modified poly bushing both sides, poly 1 side/rubber 1 side, rubber both sides, rubber 1 side/ball and socket, rod-end, a-arm style arm. 

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12 hours ago, winstonusmc said:

The hazard switch on the LHD 240z is to the right of the steering wheel, so I would assume it's to the left on the RHD. It is one of two holes, the other is the cig lighter.



I have indents there, but no holes. I have been informed since that Aussie cars didn't have hazard lights. Or cigarette lighters for that matter, which is weird as they have an ash tray?

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