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1971 240z ITB install


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2 hours ago, MONZTER said:

In the past when I would bench and smooth out casting lines in parts you would always see the smooth ground areas in contrast to the original casting finish.  What I would do is blast it with a heavy 36 grit aluminum oxide to add even texture on the entire part, then Vapor hone it to brighten it up.  It looks great, almost as if it were originally cast like that.  So something to consider vs just glass bead if you decide to smooth out any of the maching marks and go with a more classic cast look.

Got any pictures? 

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All ITB test fitment is done. Cable mount is perfect, everything is smooth and actuates as good as I hoped. Now time to bolt it down, cut the cable to length and finish some wiring.
I lined up the MZR haltech tuner to help me with my tune. It should be interesting to see how good he can get it, especially with my balance bar design and throttle angle.
Will the snow melt so I can drive it soon? Probably not.



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2 hours ago, madkaw said:

Looks like the same pistons I run with the dish . Smart man to put arrows on the pistons. You won’t put one in the wrong place like I did - lol. 

That's Andrews work! 

Pistons are eagle, sold by rebello.  

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