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What does your stereo system look like?

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As I am looking to upgrade my radio in the '76 Z car, I would like to take a look at what you all did for a radio. 


Ideally, I would like to get an OEM radio (subtle plug if you have one) and upgrade the speakers, or go as far as a small 3" boat radio option in the dash. 


Regardless, post up what you have for both head units and speakers!! 

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I still have my stock head unit, but it is simply a place holder.


I have a Bluetooth module feeding directly into a 1200W 4 channel amp and a "spare tire" sub in my spare tire well. Up front I have 5x7's under the fronts of each seat and 2-1/4" tweeters/mids in the dash vent pockets. In the rear I have two 6" speakers in the factory locations in the plastic side panels. The sound distribution is pretty good and the spare tire sub provides just enough bass.

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+1 on the retro sound. I just finished a complete restoration so I ran the mic up to the corner of the sun visor so the Bluetooth and hands free calling is a nice add. 

I also have tweeters in the dash vents (I wanted everything to look stock), 5-1/4 in the shallow kick panels, 6x9s behind the seats and a 12” sub with amp in the spare tire well. Best part is none of it noticeable.


I can find some photos of the install if any one is interested.

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