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Long time, No SEZ - (Old Timers SEZ Shootout Roll Call) - just for kicks


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Just kinda playing around here, but it's been WAY too long since I've posted anything, and over 10 years since the last SEZ Shootout at Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, GA, I thought we should do a roll call to see who is still around.    


If you've EVER attended any of the  SEZ Shootouts at Silver Dollar Raceway, that were held in the past, chime in with your username, where you drove from, and what car you were running at the event.  If you can remember any details of which years event(s) it was, post those too.


This ought to be fun, nostalgic and a little sad, all at the same time.


I'll Start.


Warren, Marietta, GA, 82 280ZX Turbo, several years

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  • Warren changed the title to Long time, No SEZ - (Old Timers SEZ Shootout Roll Call) - just for kicks

I'm still here. I check in every morning to read the 3 or 4 new posts and then lament the death of forums like this. Facebook made a big dent but also the price of the cars has made the perfect combo of too expensive for the initial buy in and the "should I really be cutting into this series 1 to put in this V10". 


MONZTER's return and posts is the most enjoyable HybridZ reading I've had in a while.

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I pop in every now and again. No Z right now but Im building a 1984 maxima Wagon that Ive turbo'ed.


I made it to one.  Wasn't it called DNI at one point.  I was in my 1974 260Z with a l28et swap. I was driving from Daytona beach.   I think I had blown up my engine the week before or weeks before. Did a mad rush to get it done.  I was planning on getting a hotel the night before but ran into issues getting the car running. Turned out that my friend stabbed my distributor wrong and my cas was way wrong etc.  Finally figured it out late at night. Probably around 12am or so.  buttoned it up and headed North. Made it just in time for the meet and great at the hotel.  Gabe Wigen was there, Rick(speedy) was there. The red RB26 z was there. soilous??  I had "upgraded my turbo to a used HX30 holset which didnt work out.  I entered the drag race comp they had.  I had never been down a drag strip before then.  I won the whole event...... Because every person I raced red lighted.....  Last run of the day my turbo blew up and the impeller was seizing up by hitting the housing.  I drove home with it that way and about half way home it self clearanced itself and it started making boost again.  My prize money is what bought me my He351cw turbo and intercooler and injectors. Fun times. 

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Not a participant myself, but I remember announcements for such events... and the era when "hybrid" meant engine from Brand A, into body of Brand B... having nothing to do with electric and internal combustion motors together in one vehicle. 


The competitive events, together with forums, seem to have been sadly vitiated.  Most postings on this forum are now the occasional pop-up of elementary questions, that had been rigorously answered 20 years ago... or idle reminiscences, such as my own.  And so many of the most senior/venerable/knowledgeable members have left, outright died, or just gone silent.  What happened over the past 23 years?  Well, some of us are still working on the same car that we had back in the 20th century... slowly.  May one day even race it!

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