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Fiberglass Interior Door Panels


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Then sounds like us first gen guys won't be doing this mod anytime soon. :(

You Can always takea stack of paint stirring sticks and glue them together with elmers glue.Then you glue the sticks to the roof of the car using window urethane. You can use these to screw into.:D Sounds kinda "riggish" I know, but it works well. Once the window urethane sets up you wont ever have to worry about it falling off! Also, you can use any type of wood shims or other "wood items". I just happen to be a painter and have about a hundred of the sticks around the shop so thats what I use.

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hm. i think i might have talked to pete at zonc in blackhawk, unless im sadly mistaken, might have been someone else. badass door panels, i would totally do the cf ones. anyone know where i can get fg doors though? im doing a full race/show/street car and want to keep the car as light as possible but with lux.

BADASS cf door panels. ill hit you back up when i am ready to do it.



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Here are some pics of them mocked up in my '76Z. The speakers are Kaption CL 6.5" components. The door cup is out of an '08 Mitsu Lancer (rear door). Obviously they haven't been wrapped yet. I am running a SPAL power window kit with these and have the switches mounted in the console.



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does anyone have a picture of the non-speaker fiberglass panel installed on a door?


I NEVER Would have thought I would even CONSIDER something like fiberglass door panels, but you can't FIGHT them at this price!


Never? They are lighter,stronger and dont rot like the original parts. I would always take a fiberglass panel over stock any day! :mrgreen:

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Hello everyone,


I can still make the fiberglass and carbon door panels but I'd prefer to make two or three at a time as its a pain in the butt to make 1 set of panels as its just not cost effective. If you need panels it would be best if maybe I could get a few of you to commit to ordering before I actually start production as there just isnt enough demand.


Thanks for your understanding



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