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Transmission Dimensions

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Same as the head bolts. This would be revealed in a search of the archives.


EDIT: BTW, this has absolutely nothing to do with transmission dimensions or weights.

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Yes they are.


The Z31 300zx has the engine quite a bit forward of the firewall so compared to the fs5w71b from a S130, the shifter will be a bit further from the bellhousing flange......but not as far as the Z32.


I don't know the exact measurement but it should be the same or extremely close to the fs5w71c from the non-turbo as far as shifter location.


I guess you could call it medium distance with the pathfinder Fs5r30 being the short distance and the Z32 being the long distance from bellhousing to shifter.


One thing to know if you're contemplating adapting a VG30 engined car's trans to the L engine is that there were more than 1 starter locations so and that the pathfinder transmission bellhousing shape does not fit the Z32 transmission adapters.


I'm not sure whether the adapters fit the Z31 version of the FS5r30a transmission.

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I plan to install the Borg Warner T5 that came with my donor car for my S30 L28ET swap. I understand the console needs modifications because the shifter sits car forward to much. kudos to this site. I'm looking for pictures showing this interfearence condition.

Seems like I also read a mustang shifter added has a much better feel. This Mustang shifter has a set back/offset to the actual shift rod. Does this solve the problem, make it worse or what?


Really hate to cut on 40 year old console.

thanks guys

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