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Showcars Bodyparts, My experience


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Hi Guys' date='


Showcars is at about 10 minutes from my place here in Toronto. If you really need me, I can be a link here in Toronto.


I might go check it out next week if it isn't in the shipping next wednesday !





Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on it. What do you like to drink? I'll send it your way if I need your help.

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I was at Showcars last year and met the owner in person when a friend of mine was looking to have some custom flared front fenders made up. The whole thing turned into a complete disaster. After many months of waiting for the fenders to be made, and several trips to Showcars, my friend finally gave up. The impression I got of the owner is that he's some kind of Christian fundamentalist (religious art everywhere, and a Christian station on the radio - unusual for this neck of the woods), ironicaly with some questionable business ethics. Strangely enough, I don't think he's necessarily dishonest. I think he intends to deliver everything he sells, but if it takes 5 years to do it, or he forgets about the order... well, have "faith." He'll get to it eventually.


But I sure as hell would never do business with him unless he already had the part made and I could pick it up in person.



'73 240ZT

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Hi All,

I just came back, the third time it was finally open. My impressions...? Humm...


I think the guys is mising a lot of organisation skills. You should see the amount of useless paper in that "office", it is everywhere !!! No wonder stuff gets shipped late or never...he just doesn't know.


I have no clue about the quality of his products, all I can say is that he is not a guy that will ever get organised. If you want parts from him, bother him and wait as long as it takes...eventually he will find that piece of paper (written by hand) and will get to you. I don't think he cares that his customers are waiting, it is just like that !


As for MARK, he will get his part in the next week. I spent 45 minutes with him and Fedex on the line to sort his order !!! I told him to call and solve the problem on the spot.


Mark, you have pm.



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I have the tracking number and the part is in route. I can't say thanks enough for your help. Just another example of the type of guys that are on this board.


Dayz, can i at least buy a tank of gas for you efforts? Can I ship you a bottle of your favorite beverage?


Thanks again.

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Cruez' date=' I guess you are from St-John...pretty nice place !!


And yes guys, we have pretty good beer here in Canada !!![/quote']


Thats where I was born.. I've been here in North Carolina for 25 years or so.. I go back to visit family every few years... I like it up there also... except its a little expensive... compared to here..




I've been tracking hte part and it seems to be stuck in PA. Iv'e called and been told Fedex lost my part!!! Un real. Stay tuned.



I've had a few problems with Fedex in the past ... I had to drive up to the hub in Gastonia once to pick up a package... Can't remember why they wouldn't bring it here :confused:

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