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Documentary of the Super Datsun resurrection


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Now that it is back from paint, and the fabricator is just about done with the oil-pickup, I'm starting down my 3-6 month road to get this back on the road. I'd love if I could do it before Dec, but with my checking into a new Duty station,(down near Corpus Christi, TX), I might not have as much time as I think.

I'll use this thread to post updates, pictures, etc...

Quick refresher:

"The Super Datsun" was coined by several friends after I bought this from the previous owner. It stuck and was easy to differentiate between this and my '73.

It is a 1972 Datsun 240Z with IMSA fiberglass flares and front fenders with a G-nose. The actual fiberglass has had some significant work to put it in todays condtion. Its a gorgeous car and anyone who wants to swing down and see it, your more than welcome - just ask and we'll coordinate a time. Its well worth the trip.

The engine is the RB26 I bought 3 years ago.... It was destined for another project, which is still ongoing,(really on hold). but with a different motor/desired outcome,(NA L6 pure track day car).

Below are just a few inital pics. I'm putting the engine bay back together so I can drop the RB into it in two weeks,(hopefully after I get the motor assembled!).

I finally sold the old Turbo Tom kit and nitrous - so those who are interested - better luck next time!



Pass rear2_thumb.JPG



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So, I'm taking pictures of the engine bay and intercooler ducting. We will have to fabricate some more ducting and the entire intercooler setup, etc.. This is measurements for the hood, clearance, etc...

Nice reasonably clean engine bay - hopefully it will start having some "parts" soon. You know, brake booster/master cylinder, lines, wires, etc..

I also found a nice surprise. I thought I going to need to run another fuel line from the fuel cell/pump. However, there is already a nice large return line setup for my Fuel injection... isn't that nice? :-D


Engine Bay_thumb.jpg



Interior - ugly_thumb.jpg


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That my friend is one beautiful car.... Question; how in the heck are you going to fit a IC in that nose set up?


I like the ducting, its just that I can't see room for much of a IC... please elaborate...


vwery, vwery, carefully.....

Its a tight fit, but there is room. I don't have the skills to do so, - so a shop in Birmingham will do the rest. When we travel for our move in Nov, I'll drop it off for 5-6 days and pick it up when we resume travel,(I'll be up at my parents for a few days and at my Wife's aunt/uncles for the rest.

Still working out the details at this time. I want an A'pexi core and we are trying to figure out sizes, etc.. About 6-8 inches in front of the radiator core is clear before the ducting "ducks" down to the opening.

Its a tricky operation - expect pictures when we finish it.


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WOW!!! There have been several SUPER Z cars comming out recently... I can't wait to get mine done.. I am afraid my bodywork will not be nearly as nice...


That is one of the best looking G-Nose cars I have seen yet... I love the nosework with the flares... that is spot on.. clean... I am truly floored..

And it looks like there are quick release fasteners along the bottom edge... for an extension lip I am sure...

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And it looks like there are quick release fasteners along the bottom edge... for an extension lip I am sure...


Thanks guys - I appreciate it.

The dzus fasteners on the front airdam are for two versions of a front airdam. They aren't particularly nice as they are designed for max effectiveness on the track. I might use them initially, but expect a change down the road once its running.


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Ok, I got the oil pickups back from the fabricator. Just some shots to give everyone an idea of what they look like. Honestly, right now I wish I had the pans that James had fabricated - mine was welded continuously and it didn't make the best setup. It will work and ultimately will be fine, but the flange isn't perfectly flat and will need to be machined flat....

However, Matt (edit, Matt Wirt...sorry Matt Hutchens) who did the fab for the two pickups,(one for Matt B and one for me), did some nice work. 3/16 of an inch from the bottom, (going from memory). Eventually I'll need to put some basic trap doors in the pan - but I want to get it running first, (see a theme here?).


Oil pickup_thumb.jpg

Oil pickup1_thumb.jpg

Oil Pan_thumb.jpg

Two Oil pickups_thumb.jpg

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Bob, my alum Thagard pan was slightly un-flat also... :mrgreen:. As far as the continues weld, I'm not sure what you mean.


I used the orange gasket sealant that comes in the oem full gasket set, and I belive it will be ok as far as sealing. Mine pulled down flat once I tightened down all those 10mm bolts on the flange.


I really like your custom oil pick up. I honestly at this point, would feel more confident having that set up in my oil pan than the way I did mine.... only because it hasn't been tried out yet.


That pick up of yours will work fine I'm sure, plus its nice and suported.... props to your machinest.....

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