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Documentary of the Super Datsun resurrection


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I've put that info up a few places but not in this thread, here is the best of my recollection:

Wheels are CCW classics. I have a set of 17's,(on the car now), and a set of 18's which have black anodized centers.

The fronts are 17x10's and the rears are 17x12's. The 18's are 18x11f and 18x12 rear.

Backspace - I'm not exactly sure, but if you do a search around hybrid, the max backspace is readily available. I have a full coil-over setup, and they clear with a bit of room to spare. I think that spec is around 4.5". I believe On3go's green car has the max backspace spec you can have, and he has the ccw's if I remember correctly. Mine should be the same spec.

Rear "street" tires are 335's and the fronts are 275's. The 18's currently have Goodyear slicks on them - however they are several years old now and aren't that good, (well, better than street tires, but not nearly as good as newer slicks).

For those unfamiliar with CCW's, here is their website:


And the wheels I have:


Someday when I have the rims off, I'll measure the backspacing. The 18's are off the car, but my plate is full - we leave on our honeymoon this Thursday! Finally going. Not too bad - only 7 months after our wedding.


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.... Next time that you are out driving around .....



Driving around! :mrgreen:

No really, thanks guys for the compliments - your just making me feel bad for not working on it recently!

Every once in a while, I go into the garage and pull off the cover and stare at it for an hour or so.... :)

I did work in the garage all day today cleaning it out and organizing the remainder from our move.

Maybe this weekend!

Anytime anyone is down here in Corpus Christi or nearby, drop me a line and come by and see it - I may be biased, but I think its worth it.


PS- I recently bought a serious turbo upgrade for the motor....and I don't even have it running yet! Can you say project creep!

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Thanks guys - I appreciate it.

The dzus fasteners on the front airdam are for two versions of a front airdam. They aren't particularly nice as they are designed for max effectiveness on the track. I might use them initially, but expect a change down the road once its running.



Form to me is always the best looking. What's the use of having something that looks good but works like poo. Slap one of those airdams on there, not like anyones gonna see anything but the rear of that beast anyway :)

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You have until September to get it running! Why? Because it belongs in the Ultimate Z Challenge at the 2007 Z Convention!


I hope all you guys are planning to come!


Bob... seriously... You HAVE to get that car here!!







Well, I finally took a look at the site and what you guys are doing - impressive to say the least. So now the question is do I push hard to get it running by then? I say yes! I don't know how it would fare in the Ultimate Z challenge considering it will be in the neighborhood of 26-2700lbs...Even with 400+ hp. But I did see that Eric's old car,(now Wolf Z), and PrimadonaZ will be there,(at the convention that is) - so maybe I do need to get off my duff and finish it and trailer it the 1200 miles this Oct. I'll make the final decision in the next few weeks.


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Ok, back into the car.

Small background - my wife is heading to Wake Forest to attend PA school - and she gave me a "goal" if you will: Get the Z running for the National Z Car convention in Oct. She's going to be gone for the next 15 mos of so, and I only have flying and the car.

So here is the projects on the burner and the reasoning:


Oil pan - Complete re-do. I'm modding the stock pan to fit my needs. While I have a fantastic oil pan and pickup, there are too many proven issues when you take the RB onto the track and seriously run it, (road racing). Take a look at Mark's issues, (spun bearings). This is a serious track car, so it needs a serious oiling system. My current pan is good, just not good for what I want to do.


Transmission - I'm putting in my GF-5R, which means I need to find a bellhousing that will work. They are out there, but I can't identify it.


New motor mounts - to move it further back - but I'm not 100% on this. It changes a few things.


Fuel pump plumbing and wiring - none exists.


Brand new wiring all around - existing is patched, etc...


ducting for the front of the G-nose - pending some info form the aero testing.


Lots more, but its midnight and I'm flying tomorrow. Expect more updates in the coming months. I hope to have it running by late Aug.....:shock:


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Well, very busy day today and some decisions to make.

Custom dash or not? Pictures will follow - but here is my thought process.

The car is being completely re-wired, (btw, the stock wiring harness is about 8lbs not including the engine harness....)

So I pulled the old dash out because I need to clean up behind it,(leftover stuff from the paintjob - gunk, dust, etc.. a mess). As I was looking at the dash, while it works fine, I can't help but think something custom but simple would be nice. It would certainly be easier to work on.

Some other interesting tidbits:

My rear wheels,(17x12 w 335/40/17's V700's), weigh 64lbs each! Big tires aren't light!

The Fronts,(17x10, 275/40/17, same tires), are 58lbs each.

Terry - I haven't forgotten about the backspace measurement and I have pictures. however, I need to determine what kind of front hubs I have as they will change the overall clearance issues. They are big backspacing - on the order of 5 and 6 inches. I'll post those next week when I have some time to format the pictures.

So the car will soon be completely pulled apart and the engine pulled again. I need to run some new fuel lines as the existing ones are crimped in a few spots,(they are nice large aluminum tubing). Plus I want to re-route a few lines to make room for some other items. Still some wiring and packaging concerns - i.e. I'm not sure how I'll make some things work...

Pictures by Sunday of it up in the air.

This WILL be on the road by August! I need two months de-bugging time before the convention!


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I like the idea of using the stock dash. To me, the speedo and tach locations recessed in the stock dash with the "hoods" over them are very similar to the large fender flares you have on your car, I think that they compliment each other and tie the exterior and interior together nicely. I've always like your car because of its beautiful flowing body lines and I think that something similar on the interior is fitting.


Most of the custom dashes I see in Z cars make the car look cheap and unfinished, the exceptions being the 240SX dash, and the ferrari GTO dash (on GTO replicas of course) If your going for the all out race car look, and this will be a track only car a super lightweight dash with a stack data center would be ideal. But if you plan on driving it on the street and cruising around (and I hope you do!) It might be more comfortable and appealing in the long run to have a stock, or lightly modified stock dash in place to help make the car feel and appear finished and road worthy.


There is a company in Australia and recovers dashes, they also do custom modifications on stock dashes. You could add one or two more gauges pods to the stock dash, or slightly rework the stock dash to accept gauges or switches or your choice, then ship it to them to have it recovered. That might be something to consider.


Glad to see that your plugging away on getting the car up and going, if you ever find yourself on a test drive up in SA drop me a line, I would love to see it!

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.. What color is that exactly?


The color is a late 90's Renault color. I spent about an hour looking through all the paint books/chips, etc... trying to find what I liked. I settled on 3 different colors and they painted them on the hood. It was a clear winner. It was much lighter than most of the copper colors available today and had a slight green tint in certain lights.

The more I think about the dash - the more I am leaning to keep the stock dash, just gut it - well, its already gutted. What I don't know about is the Heating/vent control panel in the middle. I really like what Brad Davis did,(a custom panel which used the stock controls and had two gauges down low). Lots to consider.


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Well, another productive day. And photos finally!

Engine was pulled to facilitate the new oil pan, oil mods, fuel lines, etc...

So, first, I pulled my 18" race tires which have black centers out and put them on the car - and I'll flat out say it - they look much, much better and those will be what I keep on the car eventually. The black centers contrasts well with the paintjob.

Speaking of the paint - I'll need to fish back through some papers to find the exact year - somewhere between '98 and '02. I wish I could be more specific than that - it may be a few weeks before I can get you more specific info.

Ok, photos. First, current ops, next post, wheel info.

First photo is it in the garage prior to the engine pull. Next two are pulling the engine - you can get a good idea what the rims look like with the car loaded up,(instead of up in the air). Look at that wire mess! I was trying to see what wires were extra/not required to pare down the harness. Bottom line - not much...

Last shot is the interior after I pulled everything out. The rust on the pass side is just surface rust from under the carpet - the metal is very solid.


Pre enginepull_thumb.jpg

pull engine_thumb.jpg

engine pull2_thumb.jpg

interior -ugly1_thumb.jpg

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Well, Terry had asked about the offset of my rims. I first need to clarify for anyone searching this thread later - my brakes are a custom setup - meaning my figures might not apply to you.

I have a ground control coil-over setup - which of course means more clearance. The sway bars are speedway engineering sway bars - massive, but bent out of the way - I don't know how stock bars would clear for rims of my size but most likely would be fine. I also put pictures of the front and rear brakes. They are Coleman rotors with custom hats and a thick bracket for the calipers - which astute eyes will identify as from the Z32 parts bin.... My only change will be to remove the hawk blues - as they are brutal on the rotors, and replace them with PF01's, which I love on my BMW - very few can compare to their stopping power, capability, and more importantly - rotor friendly composition. The front hubs are 17 or 18mm thick - I don't know what that corresponds to,(240/280/300z hub)

The larger offset is the rear rims - smaller offset, front rims. It is important to note that my 17" rims have different offsets - more in the rear, on the order of 6.5". The pictures are of the 18" rims.

Again, for the record, they are CCW classic rims. These are 18x12 rear rims and 18x11 for the fronts and the 18's have black centers. The "chrome" centers are the 17" rims which are 17x12 and 17x10 respectively. The 17" rims have 335's in the rear and 275's in the front. The 18's are running take off Goodyear slicks which are 25.5x11.5x18 all around (for those not familiar with slicks, it is overall dia x tread width x rim dia).

You can also see the brake cooling ducts - and the aluminum protective cover - as the tires will and do rub under near full lock.


Front wheels offset_thumb.jpg

rear wheel offset_thumb.jpg

rear brakes_thumb.jpg

front brakes_thumb.jpg

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