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Weight Reduction Mods-240z

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I'm with Racer Z, I'd like to see the weights of some aftermarket parts. Then we'd have a better idea just how much weight we would be saving by switching to them.


When I had my Z completely torn apart for the bodywork and paint, I took the opportunity to weight a few items on my nice digital scale. Here's what I came up with for some of the parts on my '72 Z.


37.10 lbs


4.40 lbs

Cowl with styrofoam pad intact

2.40 lbs

Center valence piece

1.10 lbs

Right and left valence pieces, each

13.0 lbs

Right and left fenders, each

23.30 lbs

Left door, bare. No glass, window frame, door latch, mechanisms, hinges, nothing except the bare shell

9.70 lbs

Left door glass with the metal brace that bolts to the bottom of it, nothing more

2.60 lbs

Left door window regulator

3.50 lbs

Left door window frame w/ felt strips

19.20 lbs

Rear hatch, bare. No glass, weatherstripping, rubber, latch, lock or emblems

2.50 lbs

Right and left headlight buckets, metal, each

3.00 lbs

Right headlight bucket, original FRP style. Yes, they are heavier than the metal ones.

0.60 lbs

Gas filler flap, metal

1.00 lbs

Engine bay inspection covers, each

2.40 lbs

Grille, 240Z style

1.10 lbs

Taillight finishers, each

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More to add:


7.30 lbs

'72 240Z Front bumper, completely bare

1.10 lbs

'72 240Z Bumper mount brackets, each

0.50 lbs

Bumper overriders, each

0.45 lbs

Bumper rubber strips, each

4.0 lbs

Interior vinyl kit (from MSA) includes center console, luggage riser, wheel housings and shock towers with cardboard shock tower pieces. Does not include door sills, headliner or a-pillar trim.

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Maybe your guys' last few posts could be stickied as a new thread or something, coz thats great info. My small contribution:


From 78 280z:


~65 pounds (bathroom scale)

Entire RHS door




I was thinking the same thing. Don't know how to sticky it. I guess a moderator would need to do that.

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