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I was just looking at the "users on line" thing...


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I have to utilize several engineering programs and data bases to accomplish a fast paced "on the floor" work invironment. The demand is usually pretty tough most of the time.Lets say I really earn my money.

But when I have to switch bettween these data bases or run engineering bill of material reconciliations, some of the remote servers take 2 to 3 minutes to give me the data. Thats when the HybridZ multitasking takes place. I slide the window over, refreash and read in a reduced window untill I see my work information request pop up.

Needles to say I never have to look like Im day dreaming. Always pecking away or studying the screen. Some times learning, sometimes earning!;)

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what self employed work do u do Phil?


I'm in a Landscape/excavation course and half the course I can take at home online so i always get time to visit here. I basically have a routine, i log on, check the local classifieds for Z's or engines, then come here, then get some music to listen to.... Once i get a Z, it's all over..lol, the garage is my home, i've been stocking up on tools lately, and planning every part of the build.

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Everyone needs a break every now and then, and again, and between breaks you need to take a break, and after all those breaks, why not take a rest, and then a 5-er and I don't smoke, so I take a smoke break at my desk while others go outside. I choose to keep myself regular so I don't take many bathroom breaks, so why not take 5 at my desk when I hear people go in the bathroom.



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