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Who is the greatest cartoon character of all?

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did you guyz know there is a difference between thwe early roadrunner who sticks out his tongue at the coytote and the newer ones wherein the roadrunner as disallowed that action, as it was socially unacceptable in the era????? i like the EARLY roadrunner and wile coyote, jessica rabbit, all characters from the early black and white popeye and olive--what was the name of popeye's boat?????????

both felix the cat and fritz the cat, all the characters in rocky and bullwinkle show from earliest days onward...tom and jerry, bugs, sylvester and tweety, the evilest bird in the world--poor sylvester.........mighty mouse.........remember mr mcgoo??????he was funny and dam near blind......

watching the evolution of the warner brothers and looney toons characters was fun........mill valley animations did wonderful things for hanna-barbera--you think H_B made those guys up?????hell, no--it was done by jerry smith of mill valley animations--yogi, booboo, yabba dabba doo, all the H_B stuff -------smurfs, even was jerry's-----

fun stuff. walt kelly's pogo was the best==and mother goose and grimm..........

i never got into the cartoons thatr were made in japan----synch was off with the sound and movement of the characters mouths......

the feature lengtrh mobvies with cartoons in are good........i cannot type..................oh--do not forget bart and lisa simpson.........

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Said after being kicked out of the moon theme park on the moon.   "Fine I'll build my own theme park! With Hookers! And Blackjack! .... Ahh forget the theme park!"   Said by

Stewie Gilligan Griffin of "Family Guy"

Brock Samson of "Venture Bros"

Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law are my new favourites.


Popeye the Sailor

Bugs Bunny are my all time favourites.




Stewie Griffin lol. I love that show. I think the Fairly Oddparents are great. I know it sounds childish...but they can change into any of the other characters that you guys have listed, so technically i am right. lol

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I was wondering if anybody was going to say Spike, what a good show Cowboy Bebop was! I really like the Initial D manga, but I HATE the cartoon with a passion. The live action Chinese movie was actually really good though. High five for Rick Hunter! I liked Roy Fokker until the killed him off (so much so that I had my z painted like Skull One for awhile...)

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Five pages of this, and it takes her to mention the most AWESOME cartoon character on the face of the planet:




People who visit my house are easily 'age betrayed' when I introduce my black cat, simply as "This is Fritz".


Some give me 'oh pretty kitty, pet-pet-pet'

Others look at me sideways, and do a verbal doubletake: "Fritz?"






Meh, just to add one someone might use later on, since I'm a fan of this style of artwork:



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