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Who is the greatest cartoon character of all?


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Well, I don't know if I cast my lot 100% behind Foghorn Leghorn...I would say that Warner Brothers is possibly the greatest Cartoon company of all time with all their characters holding classic status, but as for who's the real G.O.A.T? I'd have to pick a few, in no particular order:

-Mr. Mackey (M'kay?)

-Mr. Slave (Jethuth Chritht!)

-Coach McGurk (from home movies-if you haven't seen it, see it)

-the moonenites (Bow to your digital ruler! No one can withstand the quad laser!)

-Carl (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force also-I don't NEED no instructions, to know how to RAWK!)

-Snarf (snarf snarf)-ok that one was a joke, he's right down there with Orco for being one of the most useless characters ever

-Soundwave from transformers

-Quick Kick from GI joe


Man, I could go on and on, I guess I've seen too many cartoons...what about Launchpad McQuack? Or Huey Dewey and Louie? Inspector Gadget (even though he was just a watered down cartoonated version of Maxwell Smart...)?

Hannah Barbera had a lot of great cartoons back in the day, like Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, Birdman, the Herculoids...most of whom have come back as even greater characters on their Cartoon Network. I really like the Venture Bros., Brock Sampson should be on the list too i think...


I'll start a much easier to choose side poll: Worst character of all time?

-Scrappy Doo


-Ed, Edd, or Eddy?


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Jesus, I am an ex Mensa (have they no shame) and 4-h club invitee and Veritech constantly kicks my butt even with silly little cartoon characters. The man has detail!


p.s. I like Pepe because he is a horndog that won't quit trying. Take me to the Casbah!!


Oh, sorry; that's a song now.


Zlalomz, where have you been? I want all your cars.

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When I read all these votes for favorite cartoon characters and all of them are “male” characters, it makes one wonder who’s team you all are battin fer , if you know what I mean… :confused:


Not that there is anything wrong with that.. :coollook:




BRAAP’s votes…


Jessica Rabbit, Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble, Jane and Judy Jetson. :D

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