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Calling All LT1 Conversions

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I was curious on how many HybridZ Members put the LT1 engine into their Z's. Any LT1 vintage. Please include all upgrades/modifications if any to the engine and horsepower ratings if known. 1/4 mile times if known really anything you want to mention. If you have pictures in an album please mention that too. This should be fun!


Just looking at LT1 GenII conversions only - You LS1 guys start your own Thread :)




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I'm putting an LT1/T-56 into my 280zx. I've got the electric water pump (CSR , I think), 1.6 rr, and a CC304 cam, Isky springs, complete once over by a machine shop which bored it out .030 over (so it's a 355 now), cloyes double roller timming chain, and fel-pro rebuild kit. I can gladly say that I took it all apart, drove it over to the machine shop (Thanks Ed Hale!:hail:) in my datsun, drove it back when it was done, and then put it back together. And I also had help from my roommate, Vince, he's a good friend. The T-56 got a rebuild also, and I had the shop put in all the little upgrades for the tranny. So I really have no idea what the horsepower/torque rating is, but I've heard 10-15 hp for the electric water pump, and with everything else I'm hoping to be close to 300.:burnout: And hopfully, I can get it all smog legal. I'm going to be happy with that, but for the hell of it, I'm going to install some laughing gas.:icon54: Mainly for the fact that I can say that I did it, plus the looks. Not I'm just waiting to get my motorcycle, and '48 chevy running good, then I'll start with the datsun. It's the GL model, so I believe it has the r200. And I'm going to install a hidden audio set-up, because so a$$ broke into my datsun and took the faceplate and remote from my stereo. Plus the armrest I got from Motorsport Auto. Those bastards! But they did use a slim jim, so I didn't have to replace a window. Well thats a for now.

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I also have an LT1 in my 1980 280ZX. Here's what I have done to my LT1...

*Holley 58mm Throttle body

*Port & Polish of Heads andIntake(Flow#'s)

*36 LBS. Bosch Fuel Injectors

*Custom Cold Air Intake System

*LT4 "Hot Cam" Kit


*Computer Tuning with Tuner Cat & LM-1

*Keith Black (KB) Hyper. Pistons with 10.9:1 CR

*Custom made 1 5/8" headers(built by me)

*Com Cams Chromolly Push Rods

*Crane Hydraulic Roller Lifters

*SFI Approved Dampener

*CSI Electric Water Pump

*Cloyes Double Roller Timing Chain Set

*Melling High Volume Oil Pump

*HUGE K&N Air Filter!

*MSD 6AL with Blaster 2 Coil Pack

*MSD Fuel pump and Mallory Fuel Filter


My T56 is also rebuilt with new bearings, syncros , billet syncro keys, steel 3-4 shift fork.


I am hoping for 350RWHP with the small cam and hoping to see very low 12's in the 1/4 mile. I will probably swap cams out if I don't see the numbers I want to see.



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My LT1 is from a 1995 Caprice 9C1 cop car.

Here are the details:

Iron heads

Hedman Tight Tube headers

3 1/2" MAF from Camaro

CAI with KN Filter

LT4 Hot Cam

New timing set

High rev valve springs from Combination Motor Sports

Custom PCM tune

Mated to WC T5

2001 Camaro fuel tank with stock pump

Estimate 300HP at flywheel but no dyno numbers or 1/4 mile times



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I have just stated my LT1 project. My car is a '77 280Z that had an old carbureted 350 with a truck 5 speed in it. Fun but it needed upgraded badly.

The 94 Z28 LT1 is stock for now with a little computer tweaking, removing the EGR.

I will be running a 4L60E transmission.

My plan is to use my donor car' fuel tank and fuel pump, the z28 gauge cluster and complete engine and body wiring harness. I was shocked by the amount of wiring in a modern-day car compared to a '77 ear car. I have deleted as much wiring as I'm keeping, hope I have taken anything critical out, LOL.

I still have a long way to go but its been fun so far, tiring for sure but fun.

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My LT1 came from my 96 Z28 (which is back to sort of stock). It is a 385 stroker motor, only 10.4 compression, ported stock heads, 58mm TB, 1.6 RR, ported intake, custom tune (Lt1-edit), cold air intake, GM 847 cam, and long tube headers.

T56 transmission, McLeod street twin clutch, R230 and Ross' billet stub axles.

The numbers are in my sig as well as a video of it at the track.


Now the motor is under the knife. I am installing some raised runner Trick Flow heads, a welded and ported LT4 intake and a much bigger cam. It should be fun :-)



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I'll throw mine in to the ring. My car is #1792. I got it from a little divorced lady and the car had just around 80K miles and was totally stock. I'm sure that there is some special dungeon reserved for me for corrupting :) a completely stock down to the D hubcaps Z, but oh well.


Anyways....my LT1/T56 came from a '94/95 SLP Firehawk with approx. 34K miles on it. Motor has been opened at some point, and was clean enough to eat off of. Who knows what is inside. I haven't had alot of money for performance adders, so mine is basically stock, with the exception of Barts old cold air setup, headers and 3" stainless mandrel exhaust. I tried to put money in to a really solid base, so most of my parts are higher end and should last me for a long time. Stainless braided fuel lines, Aeromotive fuel system (pump and FPR), B&M oil cooler, nismo LSD and a few other secrets.


Mine is also going to be a daily driver, so strength and dependability were crucial.


I'll try to get pics of my exhaust and redone fuel tank a little later this evening.




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Minus the emission equipment, I got a bone stock 94 Pontiac TransAm LT1 in my 81 280ZX. Engine probably has 110K on it. It's my daily driver and I've put over 10K miles since the conversion. Car has the following:


* Stock suspension

* R230 differential

* 4L60e tranny

* Dual 2.5" going into a single 3" exhaust and a 40 series Flowmaster by the gas tank.

* Don't laugh but I got a stock manifold on the driver side and a block hugger header on the passenger side. Clearance issues. Haven't had a problem yet.

* MSD fuel pump. Fairly loud by the way.


1/4 mile: 13.10 @ 106


Pics in my album. It's a fun little sleeper :)




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Just saw your post. What's your impression of the McLeod clutch? Is your flywheel stock?


BTW, thanks for the PM about the heads. If I can raise some funds, I'll get back with you.





The street twin requires a larger master cyl and you have to run the McLeod flywheel, it's a package deal. You can get a steel flywheel or an aluminum one. The aluminum flywheel is more expensive. I tried a bunch of clutches and none of them could hold the abuse until I got the McLeod. Either way, it's over 1K.



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I'm restoring a 78, Lets see, It’s a 95 LT1 from a Z28 with a T56.

I removed the oil cooler, routed the air intake to the front of the radiator, Removed the EGR valve, hugger headers, mounted the PCM under the dash, relocated the A/C compressor, sand blasted and repainted. Its in and running, Still needs some adjusting, I have the tuner cat software program..

As for the body, New gauges, fuel pump, dash cap, steering wheel, larger sway bars, urethane bushings, Brake overhaul, New head liner, carpet, floor mats, tons of sound deading mats, new door window etc rubber kit, Springs and struts.

Need to finish the bodywork and paint... Than I will tweak the motor and move forward with a head and cam upgrade, maybe some nitrous just because...

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Mine is from a 93 TA. and lt-1. Speed density no mass air. 383 now with head and cam package, heads ported and polished, hooker block huggers, alot of other stuff I've forgotten. Dynoed at 425 rwhp and similar torque. I beat the crap out of it at the track. Still can't keep up with jt-1!


I'm on the third clutch since the engine rebuild. If I fry this one, I'm going to go with a tilton tripple disc. It won't be street friendly but it won't slip either.


Pics here. http://album.hybridz.org/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=10667

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Mine is from a 96 Z28 and the mods are going to depend a bit on the budget but it won't be stock. I'm building the car from the ground up with a full rotisserie restoration thrown in for good measure along with the swap. At the rate at which I actually work on it I'm going to give Pete Paraska a run for his money for overall duration.:banghead:


It has been in storage since October but the renovations to the garage are almost complete so it should make it to the new house soon. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.:D

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in that case, i have one too.


75 280z no rust!!!

94 caprice lt1

no emissions ofcorse

no a/c no p./s

lt4 hot cam, 1.6 rr, lt4 springs

block hugger headers

pcm programed by pcm america

t56 6sp

tilton 7/8 master cylinder

cold air intake

r200 3.90 gears

ron tyler diff mount

walbro 255lph fuel pump


hoping 330hp and high 11s on drags..car should only weigh no more than 2500lbs since i striped out everything not necessary, i mean everything! ....built so i can drive still drive it daily and be reliable. still work in progress...




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