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Are there any bolt in sliders/brackets or anything of that adjustment nature that are simply bolt on for our cars?


I love memoryfab's s58s...finding an adjustable bracket for those in a car would be awesome. Im sure David at Memoryfab could make something for me, should I contact him about making a universal bracket for our cars?



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Chrism, Thanks for the info. I've searched on craigslist and the prices for a set of those used seats range from $350 to $1000. I might have to rethink changing my miata seats since that leather

Btw, the interior work is done by these guys: http://www.jancarfactory.com/   Have a look thru the photo albums, lots of nice pics:)

Man, what an old but valid thread >>>>>>>>>  my leather RECARO seats , they have that magic feel / scent that invites for spirited driving 

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Dont know which seats these are but they appear to be reupholstered Recaros. I can update when I know for sure. The fit is good but not ment for larger people To mount, redrilled factory front mounts and welded on 1 inch tabs onto the rear mounts since the rails are slightly smaller then factory rails.


PS- they are currently for sale/ trade









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These are mine. 2004 Miata seats. Seat height is about the same as stock (maybe a bit lower), and they provide much better lateral support. Pretty comfortable over all. They will fit in all Zs including the hard to fit 280Z.


Shameless plug :) These are currently for sale in the classifieds here:




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I just used flat stock metal 1" wide by 3/16" inch thick.

Run a set front to back in line with the holes in the floor. Make them same length as rails on seat. You will have to pull the plugs out from under the floor to get access to the bolts.

Then bolt a piece of flat stock metal across the front and one across the back making it the same width as the seat.

Looks like a big square when you are done. Best thing would be to make the frame assembly and mount to the seat. This will help make sure the holes in the seat rail match the holes in the frame assembly.

One other thing. If you have a cat on your car, you will have a problem using these seats. You have to move the cat hump on the side of the trans tunnel so it's not in the way of the drive seat. Its located on the driver side. You will notice it when you take the driver side seat out. It has to be moved or the seat will not fit. Last, I used washers to shim the seat rail so the seat sits in the car properly. You will notice that if you don’t do this the seats will be leaning to one side.

Good Luck


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