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Seat swap list


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Anyone want to help make a list of OEM seats that will fit in Z cars? How about using this format;




Any fitment issues?

Pic or link to pic (optional)


If you have any suggestions post them and I'll edit this post.

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From LOTS of previous searching, this is what I've come up with (please correct any errors):

CRX w/o seat belts

Porsche 911



Conquest TSI








C4 Corvette


Del Sol


(I haven't tried any of these, this is just info I gathered when I was trying to find seats to swap into my 240) Hope this helps.

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I am in the market for new seats, but after searching, I have decided to re-upholster the stock seats. It will cost more but since I don't have welder and not that good at fabing anyway, it will be less hassle for me. Plus no fit problems. It might be a good addition to someone's business to fab mounting brackets for a specific non-oem seat or a couple of specific non-oem seats.

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Ok I have Fiero seats in my 78 280.


I took the fiero seats, and removed their sliders. I mounted two pieces of flat bar between the fiero stock mounting points. (left to right) I did this because the mounting tabs for a fiero are further apart than my 280. I then simply bolted the stock 280 sliders to the flat bar. (using only 8.8 grade bolts) 12mm.


The seat does slide, but not through the full length of travel. It goes all the way forward, but not all the way back. The seat rubs the tranny tunnel and won't go all the way back.


The seat sits slightly higher than stock. If your 6ft tall, don't use them unless you want to do more mods.

I wear a helmet on the track, and my helmet touches the rollcage sometimes.

Hope it helps someone.



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I have Starion seats in my 240. I love them. Best seat for long distance driving of all the cars I own (6). I've driven six and seven hour stints with no fidgeting or sore spots. Vastly more comfortable than the seats in my wife's new Mazda 3.


Great fit in the S30 and easy to fab mounts. No welder needed, just an angle grinder and a drill. The front bolts up and the rear requires only a stick of 3/4"x3/4" square tube.


There is a guy here that was in an accident and has back injuries that he blames on the seat. Every time I mention these seats he chimes in with his story. I can only speak to that by saying people often get hurt in auto accidents. You have to decide for yourself if this seat is inherently dangerous.

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My seats bolted straight into the front and a tab made across the back. They go all the way forward and back. They also have manual height adjustment (good for the wife), lumbar adjust and seat swab adjust to tighten on your back. Unfortunately I dont know what they came out of, but it was a two door as the passenger seat has a knob that automaticvally bends the back down and shoots it forward. It will be out of a jap car either Mazda or Toyota I would think. There is a whole section Part 8 on my website if someone wants to ID them

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