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Exotic "SOUNDING", high revving V8! Read "ENTIRE" thread before posting!!!

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(Dedicated to those who wont read a thread then contribute constructively)


Fella’s' date=' this thread is already quite long, wouldn’t you all agree? Now can you all imagine how much longer this thread would be if we just let everyone post willy nilly? The level of technical complexity this thread has reached thus far would not have been reached if we just left it with the “[i']willy-nilly post as you feel[/i]” posts instead of actual contributions. Those with the knowledge and experience that are willing to share, would not take this thread seriously if we left it with all the redundant off topic posts. Why should they have to muddle through useless posts from others too lazy to actually read first? I sure as heck wouldn’t want to share my knowledge with those individuals as they obviously don’t care, or they’d read first! Those with the knowledge and experience to contribute to such topics have much better things to with their time, and the rest of us lose out when those that can share, don’t share.


This thread is not Chatty Kathy’s quilt group!!!!


Actually read the thread and get a feel for its intent and direction, then post accordingly. It’s not that tough. If the thread is too long for you to read, then gosh darn it, it’s too long for you to post in! See how easy that is? Don’t contribute blatantly off topic in any thread, not in complex technical threads such as this.


Anyone who posts blatantly off topic subject matter in this thread without having read it first, will receive at minimum, a 3 day suspension!



I kinda have a secret project planned.


A twin turbo V8..


however I am looking for suggestions for a small (yes small) high revving V8, that belches out a exotic beautiful crisp sound.


any ideas?!


i was thinking a BMW V8 but i need some ideas

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Guest TeamNissan

I advise against the bmw v8 because they are so problematic, with the exception of the 80's models, e30? Maybe you should take the leap for a v12, you KNOW that will sound amazing. as far as liters go they are still relativly small too. You can pick up a bmw 850/750 5 liter v12 for a few hundred bux on ebay, the only prob is the tranny. The jag v12 are so cheap but also problematic, that FI is garbage. You know all this already though, I'm just excited to see the post lol.


If small v8 is the only way I'd go with either the cadi northstar, the ford 4.6 modular or the vq. Cadi being the most expensive, ford being the most tq'y and maybe best sounding aslo with good turbo and sc suport. The vq is the best hp/tq to liter out of the box.

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I've been lookn for a wrecked ferrari/lambo for a while now trust me!!!


I would love to swap one of those babies in. I do have to be considerate of COST! changing a waterpump on a Ferrari engine for example would cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


WHY high revving?!


for some disgusting reason I am obsessed with Formula One and super cars such as the Pagani Zonda and the Ferrar F430 and FXX... the sound.. ohh the sound!

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Jaguar 3.9 V8? Found in Jags, Lincoln LS, and the new Thunderbird. It's very rev happy, but I don't know how they would sound with an aftermarket exhaust, as everyone I've worked on was factory. Finding a manual tranny may be a problem if you don't want the tiptronic, manumatic, whatever they call it.

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I want a sound SIMILAR to this.


I have been looking for years.. seems I can only get a Ferrari engine to produce this sound







Hearing a methanol burning TURBO V8 at last years Grand Prix has sent chills down my spine. Any way to replicate?!

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You could always destroke a SBC 350 to 327 and put forged high compression pistons it it with forged rods and crank. Get a high lift and long duration cam and top the engine off with individual throttle bodies :) Damn it sounds easy, doesnt it?


Don't forget the single-plane crank! :wink:

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Proxlamus beat me to it... as soon as you said high-revving and small, the 1UZ was my first thought. I forget exact displacement, but its on the mid to high end of small V8, can rev decent, and if you were building with an eye towards de-stroking and lightening the rotating mass, it would be sick. Very smooth and well designed too... shocked Gollum hasnt posted yet, lol.


PS: 3969cc displacement. Quote from 1uzfe Q&A:

"They have 2mm thick cast iron cylinder sleeves with six bolt main bearing caps and make around 260 horse/200Kw at the flywheel. They have sintered and forged connecting rods plus a forged steel crank, which probably explains why some people have apparently been getting away with revving them to 9000 rpm on stock internals (for a brief time at least!)."

Just for a bonus, there is a quad-cam, 5 liter V-12 version in Japan.....

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