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Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels


What would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What would you prefer?

    • 17x9.5" -19 On all four corners (as the group buy has been)
    • 17x9" -13 Front and 17x9.5" -19 Rear even if it costs an extra $200 ($950 shipped)
    • 17x9" -13 Front and 17x9.5" -19 Rear at the same price ($750 shipped)

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looks like i have to wait longer to finish my flare. I ran out of welding rod and the welding shop that has the little tiny rods for my welder is closed on the weekend.



believe it or not but even with this tire my car still burns out on first gear and a little bit on second on a hard launch and when the boost kicks in.(but hopefully when the ground is hotter it will hold) AND THIS IS ON 4PSI LOL



and when/where in the summer? Im definitely down to see the Zs in the bay.


and sorry for the bad quality friend have my camera and this was taken with my outdated phone lol.




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That package uses the same spring perches, so no, there shouldn't be a problem at all. If you were going with a totally different strut tube from another car that had a larger diameter spring and perch THEN you'd have to be worried about fitment issues.

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I would be interested in some pictures as well!


I would of loved to get more width, but the front was really the limiting factor. Had to compromise as the tires started hitting the front frame rail and the TC rod at full lock. When talking about my MM coilovers, there is a lot of space in the rear IIRC... maybe an inch or an inch and a quarter to be gained. The front maybe 3/4"? This is all off memory. If people were willing to limit their steering angle (how significantly I am unsure), I don't think a 17x9.5" front and 17x10" rear would be out of the question while keeping the same front space. When I first chose the sizes and such, this just didn't seem to be where the majority of people were at. These wheels will fit with the stock suspension - no coilovers necessary. The suspension components (perch, spring, etc) themselves are not the limiting factor.


Good luck!

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Pardon my Ignorance but I am too lazy to look over the 36 pages of this thread. Is it too late for me to get in on this group buy?


Nope it should still be going on, Send Kim an email, the email should be in the first post I can't remember for sure but email him to be sure, it has been going on for a year or so already so I'm sure your still good to go.

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