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How many 280zx's have YOU had? or have?


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79 white 2+2, parted out

79 burgundy 2+2, parted out

79 black/silver 2 seater, parted out

another 79 burgundy 2+2, parted out

80ish black 2+2, parted out

83 red 2+2, parted out, half the parts are in my daily driver now

83 red 2 seater, sold

78 2 seater S130, my current daily driver.


Err I think thats about it, and 2 VG20ET Z31s

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Only 2.


Still have them both. One is bone stock and 100% original except for the exhaust that was replaced this past June.


The other is in pieces. Needs major reconstruction. Have all the parts just need time and $$. When metal work finished it's getting a cage then an LS 2.

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Ive owned 2. 82zx and now a 83zx. I've found them easy to work on, relativly cheap for parts ( with internet). The car is relativly quiet and a good ride. I believe the lines on the zx are better than the z, but few have been able to expolit very well. The 280 zx will have it day!!!! Over all it was an excellent attempt at performace and comfort. I believe it has the potential to have simalarities to someones porsche on this sight. Some day God willing, I will build that beast! For now my family reigns and rightly so.


P.S. big phil, I do remember you talking of your 280zx and how much you liked it bahahahahah! The s30 guys are a wonderful group that has made me love the car that much more. Thanks!

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Wasn't the 280ZX in the impound? And I thought CelicaFantic was going to buy it from you?



Story about that:


I had to move, was moving to South Carolina and had 3 cars, two drivers. My Supra, a Celica GTS convertible and the 280zx. The 280 needed the most work (i.e. clutch and brakes) so very regrettably, I had to leave it behind. I signed the title over to my friends' wife who was supposed to get it registered but unfortunately never did. few months later I got a call that they had LET it get towed away. I called around and found it at a body shops' impound, but bc the dumb wench never got the title out of my name, I was the only one who could get it out, and it had to be in person. The car really wasn't worth the plane ticket down there to get it out.

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gawd, I can't count the number...so many at lein sale. Bought, stripped, adn scrapped. I had the tow yard asking me if I wanted 'extras' at one time or another. Was picking them up for as little as $100 at one time!


There are 4 left in the back yard now, each with designs on it.

79 Slicktop Coupe

79 Slicktop 2+2

80 Slicktop 2+2

83 ZXT 2+2 (GL)


Scrapped... man, that I can think of that were 'memorable'

83 ZXT Coupe simply because it had a brand new Nissan Service Replacement Block, Turbo, and Injector Set---with a BW-5speed all for $475

82 Coupe hit so hard on the right side the suspension broke off the subframe. It had a list of components to 'repair' it inside, along with dates and receipts.Seems like the clutch slipped while they were in an intersection and they got T-Boned. Got it for $100 due to not being a roller, pristine paint, leather interior...but the passenger's seat was crushed it was hit so hard. My son found a $10 roll of quarters between the pass seat and the tunnel, and cut it out with a knife. I found two checks in the pocket of a shirt, one made out to cash, the other to someone else. When I called the check's writer (address and phone on the checks, they were only 31 days old when I found them!) He commented the 'bastard' took off wihout finishing his garden job---so I figure the guy was an illegal and got the free ride home after the accident, there was a half-eaten burrito on the pass floorboard. So the guy re-wrote the check to ME since he already wrote off the money, and had no problem with me cashing the second one since it was made to 'cash' anyway. That was one check for $215 and another for $247. When I told the impound guys what was in the shirt in the back of the car...they shat!

80 2+2 with 186,000 miles I got for $100. Looked like a pig, but someone had put new starter, alternator, injectors, clutch, fan clutch, and tires on it before it got impounded. T-Roofs were all spidercracked and held together with window tint. Could not get it to pass smog, despite running smoothly---there was a 2" hole through the center of the monolith brick! When I scrapped it, I found someone had cut the entire wiring harness going up front and then butt-spliced the whole thing back together. Maybe that's why the electrics were so iffy... That engine and transmission is still in my 75 GS30 Fairlady 2/2, now with almost 230K miles on it and still running strong.

A 79 Slicktop Coupe for $500. It was another example of what happens when people don't have a license and registred vehicle. Got impounded with a new radiator, tires all 'round, Blaupunkt Stereo, thing was black on black and clean. Flipped it for $3500 two days after I registered it and put it in the paper.

A slew of pigs mostly 81 ZXT's for some reason where the only thing I ended up keeping was the Engine and ECCS Harness, and the Differential. Plus alloys. I think right now I have 12 of the six-spoke wheels with good tires just sitting around with no place to put 'em. I use them to go pick up a car when I'm not too sure about it's tires. I think I had 6 of those go through the back yard in one summer. I called it "The Summer of 81's!"

81 Slicktop 2+2 I bought for $100 out of impound, just for the alloy rims and the roof. Cut the roof off, took the FOUR-Spoke (like the 77/78 Star Alloys!) Rims off and sold the engine trans for $500 to someone else. Scrapped the hulk in chunks for some $$$ as well.


There were others, but it was just pull em in, pull the hard parts, and scrap the hulk. Nobody wants ZX interior parts, I couldn't GIVE prime stuff away, so after a three year period of storing pristine body parts I gave up; I loaded an entire 82 2+2 to the ROOF with the stuff, and called PYP to come take it away since my trailer was down...otherwise I would have scrapped it myself. I think I still had a dumpster full of parts I just trashed to clear it out. For all the talk of people wanting stuff, I offered it free to anybody who wanted it, and they were unwilling to ship, drive, or do anything that required effort on their part to pick up the stuff.


I think I gave two pair of ZX T/C rods, one to DonnaZXT, and another to someone else. They were the only two people who would pay for their own shipping.


280ZX's make great driveline donors...


I am to 280ZXT's what the stroker crowd is to guys with Diesel Maximas. They call them "Crank Vampires", I guess you could call me a "280ZX/ZXT Driveline Vampire"! /Dracula Voice/ "I want to pull your driveline, mu-ha ha ha ha ha!"

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2 here


First car I ever owned (paid for and bought myself when I was 16) was a 79 280ZX, cost me $1000. It was pearl white and I loved it. It became my first project car. I took a new job that involves alot of travel when I was 20. The car was stripped pretty far down and I had no time to fix it, sold to car to a friend for $300.


Now 5 years later I found an 81 coupe with an LT1/4l60e swap already completed that just needed some money thrown at it to complete. I still have the job that makes me travel ALOT (I relocate with my wife every 30 days to 6 months depending). Goal is to have this one complete before I move again.



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3 here. My first Z was an '83 non turbo 5speed coupe, digi dash. Got it from my brother for 800 bucks, short while later, I sold it back to him, and he took it to Germany with him when he was stationed there. The car is now likely in a German scrap yard, might even be a toaster by now. Second Z was my '75. But then I bought 2 280zx parts cars for 400 bucks. One of them for the turbo swap in my '75.



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