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Turbo LS1 240z Build

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This is my biggest fear...... fire in the hole...I have a draw through turbo on the L-series ( turbo tom) Everyone I run into tells me that I have a ticking timebomb......good know the car is good.......I have tracked this car cause I wanted to buy it when Lason had it fro sale.....keep pluging away at it. Just keep a fire extinguisher near....

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Good god man! that is crazy! yeah i can see how any kind of fuel leak in that bay would be disasterous lol. with that huge downpipe running right next to the fuel rail and all. btw nice fab work, you have inspired me to do an ls1 swap! idk if i can handle boosting it though... that thing looks way too dam fast for me. hoping to get my z soon. had a fully built KA in a 240sx and ready for a new build!

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Holy crap dude... Eric, don't die on me man. I'm glad you are ok. I still have yet to tell Niki about this. She is going to cry for you when she hears what happened.



The car is looking sick. I Decided I wanted to do a turbo LSx some time in the future as well (didn't know they made iron one). Thought it was funny I came over here to look for some cars running turbo LS engines and came across yours very first.


That turbo is a monster. I have the s374 and it is huge at 75mm. 80mm man... sweet christ all mighty in hell! At 20lbs on the LS you are going to be looking at what... 850whp or there about? You are going to have to learn how to drive all over again LOL. I'm curious to see the torque curve of this engine.


Again, glad you are ok. You are making very quick progress with your car.

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Thanks John. How have you and niki been. I saw your kids are getting big on fb. It would be awesome if you ran that setup in you car too. I need to get back up to co. I miss you guys.




So This is what a 150.00 sticker looks like.




I'm so pumped. It is cert'd to 8.50's now. I need a nhra license.

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What exactly did they look at before certifying it? And where do you go to do something like this?


The entire rollcage is checked by a NHRA representative. Mild steel or Chromoly tube is checked for material thickness; good welds with no grinding of beads; and proper geometry as listed in rule book.


For certification, since you are in San Diego, an inspector would come to your house or you could take the Z to Glendora at NHRA headquarters.

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An update finally. Its been kinda of busy lately. There is a local event coming up this weekend that motivated me. I got all the wiring cleaned up. I built new fuel rail brackets, blacked out the intercooler, and installed a new wideband and boost gauge. Unfortunately I bought a new gm 3bar map sensor only to find out its a 1bar. I'm going to band aid it with a honda map sensor (good for 10psi) for the weekend until I can get another 3bar.







I also painted the garage. I want to do the floors too. I will have to let them dry for 3ish days. That is going to be hard.





I still need to install the brake kit I got from silvermine and I'm building a new catch can.

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The car did well. I was the only 240z. There was a z32 that showed up too. I misjudged the distance I could go on e85 and ran out at one point. But other than that the car did good. I got the car up to 9~10psi at one point. It seems to break up a little. I have the tr6 plugs gap at .025 which should be good for the boost I'm running. It may need more dwell or it might be a coil pack. No fires though knock on wood. It pulls like a freight train. Here are some photo's:










more pictures

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The transmission was still leaking from the front seal so after some research I found a better solution to mate the powerglide/converter to the lq4.






It is a factory GM hub adapter.




Mike went threw the tranny again and put a new front seal.




Unfortunately I had to use a factory flexplate too.






We also put in a TCI flexplate sheild for some added protection.






Big thanks to Mike and Josh, you guys are awesome.

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I got some new toys. I order a Simpson parachute with Competition Engineering's mounting kits. I also have a RCI window net to install.




Coil #1 had been intermitten and I have seen good results with these newer 4 gen truck coils.




I built some better straps to hold the front lip and close up the front gap a bit. I ended up taking about an inch off the front block off plates after the adjustment. I think it looks alot better now.





I need to pick up some sheet metal so I can enclose the fuel cell per nhra rules. Then I can take this thing to the track. I have a lot stuff to install now.

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I like the trans cooler location. might have to do something like that on mine.



You know whats funny? You commented in my for sale thread that if i had mine up for sale a couple months sooner you may have bought it instead of this one. well i said the same thing about your car when it went up for sale the first time right after i bought the black car ;>


Anyways car is looking good.

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Wow Eric, that thing looks Pretty awesome. I was pretty amazed when I saw it in person. Thanks for coming out to the AZCC(NMZCC)meeting. I just read this whole thread, and am even more impressed than I was when I saw it. It's very cool to get to see what went into the car. I really like that oilpan, but did you have to modify it to fit past the tension rods?


The Fuel Rail issue has me worried, since I may be using aftermarket rails on my build, when I get there. I saw the pict of the new brackets, but don't you think you might have issue in the center with it bowing out for the same spray problem? You're really lucky it didn't burn worse. Almost make you want to install an underhood Extinguisher system huh?


Also, Wow, I knew your intercooler was large, but dang, that's huge, I didn't realize how far down into the fascia it fit. Very nice. The whole thing is made up of just monsterous parts. Monsterous, Turbo, engine, intercooler, intake, waterpump, cage, axle, and tires. Just huge. I want to see it race so let me know when you're going to bring it out, I'll come watch. I would like to come see your shop sometime too.




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