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New weatherstrip alternative


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So in the never ending quest to find cheaper and cheaper methods of improving my Z, I ran across a weatherstrip which can be easily found in the junk yard in good condition which matches the inner door seal on Z coupes almost perfectly. I pulled it from a first generation (1993-2002) Kia Sportage (didn't check the exact year).


It has the correct cross-section and is almost exactly the same size as the stock weatherstrip. It is also much softer and more pliable than the precision kit's version, which I expect will alleviate the difficulties getting the door to close. I was able to pull it from the Kia easily without tearing simply using a flat blade screwdriver to guide it.


The only trimming needed is to cut about 6" off since the Kia doors are bigger. The new strip has a molded corner which I lined up with the 90 degree curve at the front of the door.


I've yet to reinstall my doors, but once I do I'll post the results here. I don't anticipate any problems.

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I stripped a 96 Maxima, and the weatherstripping is IDENTICAL for the doors.


I used all 4 doors, more than enough for my 240.


I also used a Saturn weatherstripping for the hatch, profile is very thick, but closes with a slam, and the hatch is still even with the body.


I will post some pics later today.

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There is not enough with only 2 doors, you need at least 1.5 maxima doors to finish 1 side.


You do however have to adjust the door strikers to use this wheather stripping. I installed it yesterday.



I had the same problem when I found some weatherstripping from a Kia Spectra the other day, was only about 1 foot short. I went with the Kia Spectra due to the fact that the pick n pull I go to was merged with the domestic pick n pull, and of course they did not have any Kia Sportage's...


The upper corner by the quarter glass fits perfect and it all slides on like it belongs there.


I only had to move the strikers out just a tiny bit to re-align the door latch to the striker, the door closes alot more firm and solid now than it ever did before. Less 'metallic noise' when closing the doors like it had with the old weatherstriping.


I'll see if I can upload some pictures of it's fitment later on tonight...

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