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1971 240z rb25det build thread


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Been a long winter here this year. Haven't done any work over the winter. But here's what I'm hoping to get done as soon as we get up to a consistent 40*

1. Drop the fuel tank. Double check for leaks. Redo the vapor line. (Had some overflow issues when hot)

2. Clean up wiring. Also want to add some molex plugs so the harness can be removed. (Every connection is soldered now)

3. Get door panels finished to include speaker openings.

4. Purchase and install new steering wheel.

5. After that is complete. Get base tune and alignment.

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Thanks, I'm going to connect it to the coil.  That's what I was going to do initially, I just wanted to make sure it would work that way on the RB.  I have another question that I think I already have the answer to lol...  When wiring the RB alternator, what did you do with the 2 small wires on the T plug, a yellow and a green wire i think.

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A couple little things I've done so far this spring. Added power locks and windows. Here's how.


Step 1. Clean and prep door surface. post-11227-0-90197600-1371433041_thumb.jpg

Step 2. Make bracket and mount door lock actuator. Push pull rod should be parallel to factory rod. post-11227-0-79975400-1371433104_thumb.jpg

Step 3. Mount window motor. post-11227-0-79036200-1371433179_thumb.jpg

Step 4. Make sure to twist the motor leads. Make sure to put on silver clip that holds gears together. post-11227-0-21482700-1371433291_thumb.jpg

Step 5. Mount bracket to window winder. Don't forget the small screw. post-11227-0-84318600-1371433353_thumb.jpg

Step 6. I dynamated the door and cleaned it all up. post-11227-0-18586300-1371433413_thumb.jpg

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oh man you are laying the way out for me and my Z ... Alex here and well Im starting automotive mechanics school next month :D and its all thanks to the Z im such a noob but you put it in such plain text that i cant help but be happy and thank you for your hard work, ill be following your posts day to day... anyway i have a rb25det on the way, im not financially rich so this will be harder then i planned but i will take it at the right pace and do this right... please keep your posts coming man ... this is an awesome thread... and u should so go with the rb25 just cuz thats my plan 

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