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  1. IIRC, I remember seeing Pantera hatches in an old paper Arizona Z Car catalog from the 90s. Maybe he has the moulds buried somewhere, or a lead.
  2. bradyzq

    Schneider N/A Cam or P90 Turbo Cam

    If I understand correctly, you have the complete N42 engine in your car now, and a fully assembled P90 head on the side. I would tune the existing setup on megasquirt. At least that way if your turbo plans change or are delayed, you will still be driving something that is meant to be together, not a transitional setup. When you go turbo, you can swap the whole P90 head on at that time.
  3. bradyzq

    Floors wet

    Seal at threshold of door and front of window frame?
  4. bradyzq

    2018 ZCON Atlanta

  5. bradyzq

    2018 ZCON Atlanta

    Thanks. First ZCON I went to was St. Louis in 1993. THAT was a drive! Branson looks to be about 250 miles farther. Call it 1400 each way. Hmm, got some work to do on the ole girl... I am upset I couldn't make it work for this year's event. Hopefully 2019!
  6. bradyzq

    2018 ZCON Atlanta

    Where is ZCON in 2019?
  7. bradyzq

    Ceramic Coating

    @Ironhead, I agree that the proof is in the pudding. However, have you ever heard of an engine actually being damaged by a correctly prepped and applied high quality ceramic coating flaking off? I haven't. And @TimZ hasn't grumbled about losing an engine due to coatings. I'm a firm believer in the external coatings. They work wonders on cars like MR2turbos where heat is an even bigger challenge than usual. And I think the whole poohpoohing of internal coatings by some established engine builders can be compared to carb guys' saying they've never had a problem before, all the while being blind to huge benefits of EFI.
  8. You won't find longer gearing than the 3.36 rear end you already have, at least not from Datsun. As already mentioned, your best bet is to get a 6speed.
  9. bradyzq

    Turbine size matters

    Have you measured pressure after the air filter but before the compressor inlet? Your pressure ratio across the compressor might not be what you think it is.
  10. FYI, Porterfield offers shoes for the factory drums. https://www.porterfield-brakes.com/product_info.php?productID=3986 https://www.porterfield-brakes.com/product_info.php?productID=12839 https://www.porterfield-brakes.com/product_info.php?productID=3985
  11. bradyzq


    True, but there's the factory painted-over sound deadening that you're describing to deal with on the inside. I figure you can be less delicate on the underside, and since the undercoating is not factory, it may come off more easily.
  12. bradyzq


    Would it be easier to look on the underside of the car? It's just the other side of the same floorpan.
  13. bradyzq

    2.5" vs. 3" comparison

    Not Z specific, but clos-ish. I've run many Porsche 944's on my dyno, for a loose spec race series. They put out around 140HP at the wheels for "stock" wink-wink engines. There were many different exhausts among them. And the ones that were the noisiest and most piercing were the smaller diameter ones. I was surprised by that. Exhaust pipe diameters ranged from 2.25" to 3." Back pressure is bad. If the engine is viewed as an air pump, you'll see that a larger exhaust is always better for power at any RPM. It simply doesn't have to work as hard to exhale. Now, practically, a 3" exhaust is more expensive for pipe and muffler, heavier, harder to fit, and will sit at least half an inch lower than an ideally tucked 2.5 inch exhaust. Motor Trend Engine Masters Episode 9 features a 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust comparo on a 454. 300ish crank hp per bank. Worth a watch.
  14. bradyzq

    Potter Cam markings

    Is the head stock? It might be worth looking closely at it. Don Potter cams were not like Crane or Comp Cams. You had to know about him. So, the chances are better that it was a more serious build if it had a Potter cam. That might have included head work.
  15. bradyzq

    Fj20 rod informatiom

    Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it seems like you're trying to reinvent the wheel here. I understand that sometimes it can be a fun, frustrating, necessary step. Anyways, what are your goals, and what are you starting with? Block, head, pistons, turbo, engine management, etc. There is LOTS of info in the FAQs, and you will see that you can go very far with stock components.