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  1. Block/Head Combo options

    IF you plan on even reaching that 300 hp let alone 500 go dished and save yourself the 2nd rebuild. Matter fact go forged at 300-500 its pushing it and you want to beat on it for awhile reliably. 300-500 is pretty max for the L series I am making about 400 to the wheel thats with a stroker and gt35r/
  3. Finally a complete drop in plug and play High Quality Custom Megasquirt 1 , 2 or 3 harness with fuse and relay box. We take out the hard part all you have to do is pass it through firewall, connect the plugs, and 3 wires (12 v battery , 12 v switched and ground! ) Every install gets instructions and detailed pics sent to email or here on hbz.Megasquirt is a standalone fuel and ignition system that is robust, affordable and most importantly tunable! Get rid of those 30+yr old harness, broken efi plugs and that silly AFM ! Be able to tune, get better gas mileage , better driveability and most importantly POWER. Harness's are custom made for each individual setup and will take 1-2 weeks to complete. It includes all new plugs, fuses, relays , wires , loom and components. The harness is designed for ms2 compatible Nissan 280zx turbo 82 83 distributor OR 300zx/maxima/pathfinder Distributor I am also an authorized Megasquirt Dealer I could get any other system or product! HARNESS $ 750 Megasquirt 1, 2 or 3 L series drop in harness Harness + Relay/Fuse box will be $750 will include: - 6x EV1 sealed injectors plugs quick disconnect - 1x GM coolant temp sensor with amp sealed plug - 1x GM air temp sensor with amp sealed plug - 1x ms2 friendly Throttle Position sensor with sealed plug - 1x ms2 friendly Crank Angle Sensor with plug OR l28et distributor input ( you supply plug ) - Fuse Relay box: Labelled with fuses for fuel pump, coil, ecu, 2x injectors banks. With 2 spare connections for wideband / boost controller. - 16 ft power to fuel pump - Main Power to battery with fuse connectors, 8ft ground for relays, 8ft switched power for relays. (crimped and soldered) Harness is made from AMP METAL DB37 clamshell connector - You choose ECU placement or Fuse/Relay Box some people like fusebox next to battery and ECU inside passenger firewall. Or both near each other - All connection are crimped and soldered for optimum connection and longevity. - GXL wiring (heat and oil resistant) - Up to 12ft length at no extra charge - labelled every 3 inches - relay/fusebox can handle 6 relays and 6 fuses (typical install uses 2 relays which leaves you with 4 additional for headlight upgrade, fan etc. and 4 fuses and leaves you 2 spare) - fuse/relay box is detachable from harness that way you can pass it through on either end. - extra FIDLE, IAC 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B outputs included Additionally I can also setup a MS2 ECU to make this a complete turn key system! MS2 ecu $ 467 config $ 200 hardware+software configured (includes basetune which $100 goes to ChickenMan for his efforts) at the moment 260cc injectors /440cc/480cc also we will cover NA tunes. extras options available Wideband input,Fan control, Methanol Control, 4 cylinder harness, 8 cylinder harness, trigger wheels for CAS ecu panel mount custom length wires. Mega squirt hardware assembly. PM for extra options and more info. Iam also a authorized re seller of all Megasquirt products, 14point7 wideband/data logging systems and HDI boost controllers/intercoolers/gauges/clamps. If you need more info please look at this old thread or PM me .
  4. Your right I am going to make a new thread in the vendor forum and clean it up!
  5. 1988 300zx turbo partout

    You got pm
  6. 1988 300zx turbo partout

    Hey Pallnet , you got a pm!
  7. What ever happened to Jeromio?

    Way to come back in style and answer a thread almost 10 years old asking about where you are!
  8. L28 head 3D scan, flow, CNC

    I have a spare p90 if you want to borrow or buy I am in Ottawa wouldnt mind helping out! Dont want to rob thread but I could use your CAD help @nismo_zxt You have a PM
  9. Ms3x install

    Have you seen this page? seems like you need to switch IAC wires or just the settings in tunerstudio https://www.diyautotune.com/support/tech/other/stepper-iac/ Problem: Valve moves, but in opposite direction of intended. Solutions: Both coils are wired backwards. Switch wires 1A for 1B, and 2A for 2B; With the current firmware, you can simply change the homing direction in the software. Older versions (and original Bowling & Grippo code) do not allow this.
  10. 1988 300zx turbo partout

    bump Still have Complete Engine with turbo/PS/AC/alternator, efi harness, ecu, maf, brakes. Stub axles and companian flanges. ( could be adapted to s30 with work ) front spindles, 5 lug hubs (bolt on for s30 5 bolt conversion) digital dash with power supply, front spindles, T tops and much more!
  11. Best twinscroll manifold?

    "The holset is a T3 twin scroll and it seems like most people don’t offer a TS manifold in a T3 flange" Nevermind I thought he was just looking for just a divided flange Essentially if your looking to spend 1600$ thats sound about starting price for a custom manifold. You will probally be at 2500 with wastegastes easily. OR learn to tig I just had quote from a local water jet cutting place for a 1/2 SS header flange was about $90. Flange file could be found in the downloads sectioon
  12. Best twinscroll manifold?

    I know the benefits of a twin schroll Turbine housing but I see no sense on the manifold flange its essentially the same thing.
  13. Best twinscroll manifold?

    What would be the point in having it divided at manifold, Its already divided at the turbine housing no?.
  14. 500whp AWD rb25det s2 in 76 280?

    I did several awd swaps in many s30s very easy actually xbox 360 Forza game haha sorry couldn't help it! I am not saying you cant do it and I am not against "big dreamers" / uniqueness but like what everybody said before me. Too hard and too costly unless you watched project Binky just get some angle grinders out drink lots of tea!
  15. Wilwood Rear Handbrake Kit