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  1. Amazing as usual.. I dont want to be like Tony But I would love to see this thing with individual coils ehem ehem
  2. Well said I remember when I first started out about early 2000's when a l28et swap was sort of a big deal. There was also way less products out there *motor mount kits, suspension, drive train, and brake choices . Not to mention all the carbon fiber and exterior body panels. The bar is so high right now haha I love it lots of content and new ideas/builds. Street banditos is probably my favorite you tube Channel. The editing, the build and especially the chemistry of that shop very cool. I feel like they should be 1mil subscribers very under rated on YouTube. Team Boosted is another channel I follow good to see them moving up! You got my sub Jeff on youtube and facebook like! I am in Ontario, Ottawa to be specific would love to see this thing when its done! Goodluck Hussein
  3. softopz

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    theres currently one for sale here
  4. softopz

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    At your goals I recommend finding a stock T3 and rebuilding/upgrading it to t4 compressor wheel. I may have the compressor housing for it actually. And I may have a spare turbo lying around internally gated. Also good choices are turbonetics for t3/t4 they are within your price range and you can get internally gated I believe with adding the gate on hot side.
  5. softopz

    My Turbo LSX Z31 Builld

    KID!? Thats a serious update man. 3 pages I never seen this build before. Quality workmanship just love it! I have to start on page 1 though maybe another day.
  6. softopz

    240Z VQ37HR Swap

    Just enjoyed the last 2 pages @! im drooling here. That rotisserie is how every z should be done.
  7. softopz

    Dyno'd my stock L28ET today - coolant everywhere!

    You need to calibrate it with the "sequencer" mode Usually flashes 3 numbers on the gauge for 3 seconds each as it starting. 13.3 16.6 and 19.9 If I remember go to https://www.14point7.com/blogs/news/16539352-maximizing-accuracy-between-spartan-2-and-megasquirt Look at tunerstudio numbers as its flashing on the gauge then use the excel spreadsheet to input those numbers. Those numbers look very normal, remember this is a bone stock 5psi on a stock t3 . With a decent modern turbo, exhaust mods, modern efi and fuel to support you should see double that.
  8. softopz

    Newbie MS2 ingnorance

    @Chickenman IS your man send him a PM. I am an authorized MS dealer and make some goofy looking harness's
  9. softopz

    Single Turbo Manifolds

    I have the engine mounts already . Do you have tranny mounts for r154. Geno what didnt you like about the motor mounts to forward? I wasnt going with the cast log pieces I was thinking along the tlines header/tubular manifold. I need some input because I read up some of the 2jz vvti motors had clearning issues. I think its the water neck Im not 100% sure though.
  10. softopz

    Single Turbo Manifolds

    Hey guys slowly gathering parts here for the future JZ swap. I will be running CX mounts and gt3582 just want to know if theres a single manifold design to stay away from in terms of clearing shock tower. What are you guys running? I was thinking the lines of a cheap manifold and have my friend add some nice thick welds as reinforcements.
  11. Hey thanks for interest Take your time whenever your ready IM super swamped now actually I have 4 I need to finish this month. 1. Yes $750 is harness w/fusebox and air/clt temp sensors 2. You can use your stock injectors most guys upgrade since you are doing a standalone Engine Management System that control every aspect of the tune.
  12. Your inbox is full? or mine I tried to PM you I will take that n42 intake if available shipping to 13669
  13. softopz

    L6 DIS Brackets (LSX) Are Available Once Again

    I have sent a couple of PM's my guess is hes busy or not doing this. If hes not doing this anyone have the file I could cut them locally I could use a set for my ls coil swap.
  14. First thing off epic build thats some crazy stitch welds never seen that many. I was once told by an old timer that too much could be overkill and be counter intuitive if god forbid accident since these are areas that need to be crumple. With that said torque usually raises the diff up and most of your mount/bracing is targeting to the bottom. Hence I see why you want to do a 3.0 maybe just a simple brace from where you already have the mount like attached in the pic in yellow? you can go straight or do a little bend with a slight gusset.
  15. softopz


    As the guys mentioned the drawbacks are EMI inside the ECU but lots of people do it this way with no issues, the other drawback is you need to install 3 BIP's for a multi coil (caravan , ford 6 cylinder coil) OR 6 BIP for ford pencil Coils firing wasted. Some people would rather just hook up the EDIS 6 Ignition module to fire the coil packs its easier from a modification perspective. Since we were talking Microsquirt you cant add BIP's you would have to go ms2 OR just run the EDIS 6 ignition module.