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  1. softopz

    Stronger motor mounts

    I just saw some custom mounts on facebook for an Lseries They looked quite nice I must add. I cant find it now but if you post on the z groups there you will see some .
  2. softopz

    Where to install Electronic Boost Controller

    No its just a step up for the barb you should be fine.
  3. softopz

    Where to install Electronic Boost Controller

    One of your pics scare me you dont want the harness through the turbo like that.. Did I not leave enough slack? I am referring to pic 2 btw. IM With Rossman here no on the heat shield. I would put the EBC on the side shock tower. I have mine there too.. Also if you dont want to run an adaptor for vacuum line , You can get the appropriate barbs for the solenoid I believe its a 1/8npt. You can plug one of the two turbo fittings never understood why Nissan put two boost referenced on the compressor housing.
  4. softopz

    Black Friday vendor deals

    15% off at www.Protunerz.com use code blacksale
  5. softopz

    Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Shes idling nice. I would get a wideband in there as soon as you can. If you need connectors, for coils , injectors or any of the sensors I have those in stock. With that much patch work I would go with full floors or atleast front one big patch it will look much better. How does it lookI know the 280 fuel lines run on the floor vs 240z so something to think about. How does it look behind seats?
  6. softopz

    Z32 manual transmission reverse issues

    I doubt the spring and ball would do that. Thinking there is something off inside ie synchro, or linkage issues. Whats strange is can shift in into the 2n and 4th rear gears so maybe its not a external linkage issue. Could it be wrong reverse switch maybe too long not allowing it to get in? I am just thinking out loud here with you buts thats where my thought process would be.
  7. softopz

    Gpop shop rebuild result

    Heat wrap does wonders. The stock turbo manifold heat shield between intake also helps thats what Im running.
  8. softopz

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Love the idea looks great! Whats the name of the adhesive again I couldnt catch it .Tenser grip T65 ? This will probably help with those noise these panels always tick and rattle with minimal vibration! edit found it http://www.tensorglobal.com/home/
  9. Shopify Payments is not processing credits cards, We are currently looking into it. In the meantime You can check out with Paypal (no fee for buyers) with Debit/Visa/PayPal Balance.
  10. softopz

    Gpop shop rebuild result

    Looks very good! its all going to be worth it in the end
  11. Our first Sale and its coming on early ! Sale ends Monday Nov 26th 12am Take advantage of huge savings 15%off store wide. Use code "blacksale" or click this https://protunerz.com/discount/blacksale (Discount will appear in checkout not shopping cart)
  12. softopz

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Hey Jeff enjoyed the updates. Just noticed you played around with the booster . Be careful of the "reaction disk" its just a rubber oring seal round donut seal thingy inside the booster didnt get popped of place..... If its not in place properly It will drive you crazy and you have rear brakes lock up. Make sure thats in the right spot. Good luck Edit oh if you do the 260z/280z dash its doable there is a bit of difference but you may want to get the matching middle console...
  13. softopz

    The making of Zilla Z

    I think SDS is a bit outdated for this motor. IT works and works decent but its pretty old school EFI I think its got like 6x6 fuel maps . ECU masters, Haltech and megasquirt are all good choices. Keep up the good work though
  14. softopz

    Hoke z32 trans adapter

    A friend of mine just got one from mazworks contact them and see.
  15. softopz

    Cant post in cars for sale

    I cant post my car in the forum is it locked ? I am a donating member if that makes a difference.