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  1. Replacing dash with dash cover

    I recently did my full dash cap it turned out good I think. I was thinking of restoring it but the thought of another crack coming up and the time/effort involved steered me away. Keep in mind I am not running factory gauges. I pretty much scuffed it all up and glued with the epoxy included in the dash cover I found that was not enough so used some automotive black urethane. Derek did an amazing job he blended both dash resto and cap methods which turned out great! I am not super picky the only places a full dash cap is noticeable is when you open the glove box or looking at it from a low vantage point.
  2. 2jz Megasquirt help

    Yes I thought some 2jz had dizzys thats why I asked him which he has cause he only mentioned 2jz NA. Theres so many ways to tackle a harness and standalone setup especially since its Megasquirt. The *best" in my opinion is to see what you already have and work from there remember he is also a student on a budget> we all been there some of us may not be students but on a budget..... ( oh no I used the B word ) Thanks BRO! I would still be happy to accept your money anytime or anyone's money for that matter I do not discriminate.
  3. 2jz Megasquirt help

    SO what do you have now a microsquirt, ms2 or ms3x I got lost with all the difference shops? I havent done any 2jz harness but its pretty much the same as well any ms3x but I could do it for you I did an ms3 pro which is a bit more on a lseries full sequential. I will actually do a 2jz swap in one of my zeds over the winter so will add some more products to the line I am also working on another new EMS that I will be a dealer for in the next month. You also did not mention which 2jzNA is it from they do come in full sequential I believe and distributor based Correct me if Iam wrong>?! There are many options for you at this point keep in mind the toyota injectors are toyota specific as well other inputs and outputs in the engine. It really depends on what parts you have also ignition options are available many of them actually (stock wasted NA jz dizzy, sequential wasted full sequential ) then there's coils JZ, LS ,LS struck, yaris ahh yes the joys of megasquirt. My best advice to you is set down goals, see what parts/ecu you have and what your trying to do match the two and make a gameplan to attack. Secondly you want to do this right the first time I hate hacking an old harness and trying to repin/depin and remove unnecessary wires etc. Seatle gave some great advice get some wire or even better the 8ft flying lead harness for whichever ECU you have and make a new harness lay it out wire it. Also good idea to run new fuses / relays all that. Good luck
  4. 1988 300zx turbo partout

    bump everything still available engine ecu harness distributor etc axles transmission
  5. Thanks guys appreciate the kind words. More good news It's never been a better time to convert to Megasquirt with my harness/ecu kits. I have now partnered with Richard Boyk aka Chickenman to provide a better baseline tune for the individuals who are getting an ECU with harness. We will cover turbo and NA tunes ie l28et 260cc injectors /440cc/480cc also we will cover NA tunes as well. All software/tune config proceeds will go to chickenman for his work. Disclaimer part these are all baseline tunes that are very refined however not every setup is identical, elevation, temperature, EMI, wires/ plugs etc with that said....We do HIGHLY recommend a wideband and atleast a street/dyno tune also Richard could go over your setup remotely for more minor touches. He has done this with many board/facebook users to fine tune each setup his fees are reasonable and a very good insurance policy.
  6. Time based access TPSdot and ms pulse width

    Good Read
  7. 1988 300zx turbo partout

    98000km about 60k miles White exterior burgundy leather interior t top 2+2 digital dash automatic. Missing fender hood and bumper. Differential I kept . Everything is still here .for needs Thanks
  8. SDS wiring to RB25DET crank angle sensor (cas)

    You have to mount 4 magnets on the crank pulley as SDS will use its own input HALL sensor. if you set your CAS with mount and mark TDC Ross can mount the magnets for you at a small fee. http://www.sdsefi.com/techhall3.htm Yes SDS is old but it works and works decent. I have it on my stroker l30et putting down 400hp . If your looking at a new ECU all good suggestions from chickenman but do not over look ECU masters they also have a Plug and play harness adapter another bonus is it has a built in wideband controller in the unit that will save you 150-350 just on a wideband.
  9. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Welcome to the forums nice videos watched a couple of your upholstery skills very impressive and motivational! keep them coming
  10. RB20 Not Cranking

    Trying to help but your description not helping ! A tune should not affect your car cranking or not . However if you mean starting and idling yes it will ofcourse. If your getting ignition ON such as ECU, Fuel pump and all other chasis switched on accerssories then most likely it is the starter wire, Should be a spade connector that runs to starter. If its not you may have other underlying issues such as Ground connections, Main fuses switched power at ign etc,..
  11. As of now I'm not doing any harness's if anyone wants one let me know!
  12. MFactory R200 Helical LSD

    It's been available for 2 years http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/121007-mfactory-r200-lsd/ Currently considering one.
  13. Megasquirt grounding

    I put them on a thicker gauge spade crimp and solder them, than ground on head/block/battery > If your doing on the head or block its good to have 2-3 grounding points from battery
  14. Replied Anyone one to jump in with Eduardo?
  15. Thanks guys. Well I sent them an email saying the issue is ridiculous for all reasons you mentioned above and more . If they don't reply by tomorrow according to eBay I am allowed to relist. Oh and I shouldn't have to remove the name Nissan just cause a stupid bot or whatever picked it up as copyright infringement ! Just like you mentioned there are thousands more like millions of ads containing Nissan not just on eBay but every platform you could think of and most of them being crappy generic,,,. Sad part about it is if they only knew how die hard I am to Nissan and Datsun! oddly enough my brother is a Nissan Salesman lol