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  1. calZ

    VD740 crankshaft

    This link says they're all the same https://www.zcar.com/forum/10-70-83-tech-discussion-forum/125714-ld28-crankshaft.html#/topics/125714
  2. If you made it a separate piece from your current mount, you could just leave it installed on the car when you raise or lower the diff.
  3. calZ


    I've ordered from ZCarDepot(other parts, not fenders). They've been reliable and quick in my experience.
  4. calZ


    One of those should have it.
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    Have you tried Google? http://www.blackdragonauto.com/features/z/zb2.htm
  9. On subsequent episodes, they've mentioned that they don't remember if it was from a Hilux or Hi-Ace. Might be worth checking out what kind of booster comes on that.
  10. calZ

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    The whole purpose of this swap is to do something cheap and readily available. If you use a material that requires heat treating and a specialty welder, you alienate almost the entire target market.
  11. calZ


    Oh, you want a compressor bracket. I think everyone was confused since you originally said condenser. The Nostalgic AC bracket that you linked was the cheapest option I could find through my searches.
  12. calZ

    Project Binkey

    I don't think that was for the masses. If it was, they would have shown how they built it. I think Nik just really wants a motorized flip front, and since this is his ridiculous project he's going to do it exactly like he wants. It would be a shame to spend a couple thousand hours on something and then think, "I wish I had..." every time you look at it.
  13. calZ

    looking for a 240z/260 norcal 1500-2000

    You might have to update your price after the last 8 years. $2k doesn't get what it used to.
  14. calZ

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    How is the headlight rewire done? I've seen the thread about rewiring the signal lights, but not the headlights.
  15. R1Rs are fantastic. They are the only tire I like better than the Rivals. They're also excellent in the rain, so that might be a good street car option if you like to drive your car in varying conditions. We run 225/45R15 on our MR2. I'd be careful with the Rival S. You add grip compared to the regular Rival but lose longevity.