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  1. Sparks from the rear end dragging I believe.
  2. They're canards, essentially. They'll add downforce, but they're so small I'd imagine it'll be barely measurable.
  3. calZ

    What is this airdam?

    Carbon Signal
  4. I assume that's why this is a project thread.
  5. calZ

    rb26 240z aem infinity cranking no start

    Have you tested all the other sensors to make sure they're still reading correctly?
  6. calZ

    82 ET wiring diagram

    Xenonzcar.com has everything you need
  7. calZ

    3 Bolt Thermostat Housing Cover

    I don't think that's his picture, just an example.
  8. Sorry, I should have said two pins that go to +12V and 2 that are routed to ground, with switches or a component in each circuit. Those are their states when the relay is not triggered. I didn't communicate that very well, so that's my fault. Once the relay is triggered, then the output pin has 12V like you said. I'm glad you got it figured out.
  9. Four pin relays have two grounds and two positive, not 3 positive and 1 ground. I could guess at what the wires are based only on that, but you really should be able to figure it out based on the wiring diagram. Trace LY as far as you can and see if it runs to ground somewhere.
  10. calZ

    Varying Intercooler Piping Size

    If you don't have a step you will completely stop all flow through the radiator other than the circular areas where the fans are. You need some amount of space behind the radiator for there to be airflow.
  11. calZ

    New to Zs from WV

    Almost nothing outside engine parts will interchange between your two cars. You bought a 280zx, which is a completely different car than the 260z or 280z.
  12. calZ

    brake cooling backing plate

    What kind of pads are you running? If you're overheating your stock pads, you may be able to just go to a more aggressive pad and avoid the work of setting up ducts.
  13. calZ

    brake cooling backing plate

    Often times ducting is needed for road racing. The higher airflow prevents heat soak and fade that you don't run into with short Auto-X runs.
  14. calZ

    DIY Hoop?

    That depends on what you want to do. A single hoop with two backstays? Include an X? Land on the floor or strut towers? The answers will vary quite a bit depending on what you're aiming for.
  15. calZ

    Labor day sales

    Speedhut has everything 15% off though Tuesday.