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  1. I'll go one at a time on your questions. T-56 vs CD009 Size: they weigh almost the same, and both will necessitate removing the original mounting ears from the tunnel. Assuming the rear of the engine is in the same place as an L-series, you'll need a shifter relocate for the CD009. I think if you get the F-body version of the T-56, the shifter lines up nicely. That's what TimZ did with his T-56 behind an L. https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/126809-t56-behind-an-l-series/ Drivability: I've never driven a car with either of these trans, though I do have a kit waiting to put a CD009 in my car. If you're worried more about twisty roads and the track, I would lean towards the CD. 1st gear in the CD and 6th in the T-56 will likely both be useless in those cases, so you're basically comparing 1-5 of the T-56 and 2-6 of the CD. The CD has closer ratios over that span, but really what you want will be track/road dependent. The gears you use the most and the shifts you make the most would likely inform which one will be preferable. Diffs 5-600hp is a lot. The R200LN has a history of being able to handle that, but keeping it almost definitely means keeping the stock stub axles and drive axles, which are the weak points of the stock setup. You might be fine if you're just on road courses, but at 600hp I'd be a little worried about a stub axle snapping and your wheel departing the car. The R200SN and 8.8 conversions are both strong and easy to do. I'm in the process of putting an R200SN into my car with a swap kit from T3, but if I had to start from scratch, I might lean towards the 8.8 for a track car. The kit is cheaper from https://invincibleextremes.com/ than anything to put in a short nose. The 8.8 is a bit heavier, but the parts availability is so much better for brakes and hubs. It's impossible to get some stuff new for the R200SN setup, and even good used parts can be hard to find, especially if you go with the Q45/Z32TT versions of the diff. Mustang parts can be bought new and will be available for a long, long time.
  2. calZ


    Same. Hybridz is my "bored and need to kill 10 minutes" method of choice, so I look at essentially every new post that is made on the site. I'd be more than willing to do something productive with that time and clean up the spam/bots.
  3. calZ


    Can we ban this guy? Throw in joyce_mor too. They're either really convincing bots or just human shills that post generic compliments on random threads and then every few posts slip in an ad for 4wheelonline.
  4. Rather than lowering the car, you lowered the wheel wells. Interesting concept. I'm keen to see it out of the garage and get a nice side shot of it.
  5. Sucks that that happened to you Sean. I posted a wanted ad here and ClassicZCars and got a ton scam replies. I basically ignore anyone who doesn't have at least a moderate posting history. The name they tell you to email sometimes won't even match the email address. Perhaps PMs could be disabled until you've been on the site for at least 24 hours or something? Wouldn't stop all of them, but would make it a little more difficult
  6. Isn't that how it's routed stock? There aren't two hoses going back to the water pump inlet. It's been a while since I stripped my engine, but I thought the heater just steals coolant from the turbo return? Tony is always big on that method because once the engine stops, the turbo can thermally siphon the cold water that just came out of the radiator and push it towards the tstat housing.
  7. What's your current routing? Tstat to turbo to water pump inlet?
  8. TechnoToy Tuning. They're also called T3 quite often. https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/240z/ultimate-steering-rack-240z
  9. To add to this a bit, even though they aren't for the front, I just received some adapters I designed to put modern BMW speed sensors into a short nose R200.
  10. classiczcars would be worth a check too if you don't get an answer here. They're very into keeping the old stock stuff functioning.
  11. Are you sure it's not the engine bay side of the linkage getting stuck? It's pretty common for the original mechanical linkage to get a little sticky over time.
  12. Isn't that exactly what I just said? The head was designed well for what it was intended to do. It is a "problem" created by using something outside of its intended purpose. I didn't call it a flaw, or a mistake, just a problem to solve when you're using a design for something it wasn't meant to do. You're getting hung up on the word problem and assuming I meant it was Nissan's problem. It's a challenge/hurdle/consideration/difficulty that you must take into account when building a high performance engine. The traction of a stock 240Z is not a problem at all, but if you try to run 9s in the 1/4 with one, traction becomes a problem. It's the same thing. We've probably threadjacked enough with our contest in pedantry, so I'll stop now
  13. https://milkfab-engineering.com/shop/ols/products/milkfab-l-series-280z-ac-damper-crank-trigger-kit
  14. I bet if you posted it on one of the Datsun part Facebook groups, it would sell pretty quickly.
  15. The engine should fit fine. It's just a V6, right? S30 engine bays are huge and fit just about anything. This is kind of one of those things where if you have to ask, it's outside what you should attempt. You'd need either the transmission that goes with the engine or an adapter plate for another transmission. Then you could make a custom driveshaft to attach it to the diff. As long as you have an R200 and aren't doing a bunch of drag launches, the diff should hold. Axles and stub axles are where the weak points would be. An 8.8, R230, or short nose R200 swap for the rear would be good insurance. Chassis stiffening would likely be needed at that power level as well. You'll also have to either retain the OEM ECU and integrate that into the existing wiring while figuring out how to flash out all the requirements that likely exist for the ECU to be connected to other body modules, or just go full standalone and rewire the whole engine. You might be able to find someone that has a plug-n-play product for the engine.
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