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  1. 20910 1 - Medium Short sleeve in Asphalt 1 - Medium Long sleeve in Black
  2. MD - 280zx Turbo CV Axles and R200 Diff

    Axles sold; rear end still for sale for $75
  3. I have a rear end and a set of CV axles that were pulled from an 83 280zx turbo. The axles will need new boots and grease before putting them in. Rear end = R200 3.545 ratio Looking to get $275 for everything or can part it out. Axles sold; $75 for rear end

    Price drop $50
  5. I have a 5 speed transmission that I picked up with a lot of parts. I have spun the transmission through the gears, and shifted through them. I didn't get the impression that anything is in pieces. The transmission has also had gear lubricant within it; i found this out the hard way when I was moving it around to take pictures. This looks to be a 280z 5 Speed, not the ZX 5 speed. Pictures below so you can identify. Not really looking to ship, but can at your expense. Looking for $100
  6. HybridZ Sale Items

  7. IMG 3945

    From the album HybridZ Sale Items

  8. IMG 3944

    From the album HybridZ Sale Items

  9. IMG 3943

    From the album HybridZ Sale Items