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  1. 280zx door seal weatherstripping alternative?

    I spoke with Steele Rubber yesterday. They are not interested in making ZX weather striping due to only making product for American cars and initial cost of tooling. However, they have ask me to send a set of ZX door seals to them to see if they could match or come close to a match from their existing inventory of door seals. I will remove the seals from my 79, sent them off and post my findings as soon as I hear from Steele Rubber. Fingers crossed!!!
  2. cgsheen...............You are absolutely correct. Correct positioning of the fender can be a big part of the process and it can be moved about a bunch. I didn't think about it in my response. I guess that I'm losing it in my old age!
  3. Just like Zetsaz states above, the doors from different years are interchangeable. Both the door lock striker and the door hinges are adjustable. The striker can be adjusted, both up/down and in/out. The hinge part that is attached to the body can be adjusted while the other part of it that is attached to the door is stationary and can't be moved. Hint....A little goes a long way. Start with the hinge bolts. Loosen and move the hinge just a little, up/down then in/out, until you have a good fit. Then move the striker until the door closes properly. This job requires patience and a "trial and error" attitude. Just take your time. Also, If your hinge pin is very worn, you will need to replace it for a proper fit. They are NLA from Nissan but pins from another American car will perfectly. I used them but don't remember what car they came from. I remember getting them from the dealer parts dept. Do a search here on the site. There is a post discussing which pin to order.
  4. ECCS ANALYZER & L6 Engine Plate

    NISMO_ZXT.............Please contact me. My cell # is 843 450 6512.
  5. Dammit here we go

    Yup, it's a disease and an addiction! Once you get started you can't stop until the money and or time runs out. But a good one indeed.
  6. New 370Z Category?

    My son loves his 2010, 370Z just as much as I love my older models. And a new section will bring new interest. Hell, I just might get one to play with real soon!
  7. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    DITTO ON THE ABOVE POSTS!!! This site is an extremely valuable resource and contains a wealth of knowledge. We all need to pitch in a few times each year. Sending the cost of a couple beers and a good lunch from time to time, from all of us who lurk here, isn't asking too much. We can't "ride for free". Operating this site ain't no way to get rich and is somewhat a labor of love for those who keep it running. It requires a bunch of time to keep alive and dollars for software and hardware and really needs our support.
  8. You are welcome! Although a service manual would not demonstrate how to do a brake conversion, it may give you a better understanding of how things work. The factory service manual is the best but others like Haynes and Chilton manuals are of great help. I have been playing with Z cars for decades and at present, have several and have a number of FSMs. I find myself referring to them all the time. Most of todays tech persons, even those who work at dealerships, will know little about these cars due to their age. Both the tech's age and the Z cars age! Having a good manual by your side is just about like having an experienced tech person helping you, step by step. Keep up the good work. These Z cars are amazing machines. Their design is somewhat timeless and continues to turn heads. They weigh like a bundle of feathers and can be made to be reasonably comfortable. With a little effort, they will " carry the mail" and in general are simple to keep on the road. I suspect that you can feel my love affair with these cars.
  9. Seat swap list for s30's

    A friend with a 70/240 has these seats installed. They fit very well. The backs are lower than OEM backs and the electric seat functions well. His black leather covers are of high quality. They are a good fit and didn't cost a fortune!
  10. Quote: Your install looks fine but I don't know about the E-brake, cable install. Be sure to use the proper clips that attach the brake lines to the brackets on your body. Also, the brakes lines should not be "kinked or strained in any way and should not come into contact with the tires. Don't forget to use brass washers on each side of the banjo fitting. Rock on. You are doing fine!
  11. ECCS ANALYZER & L6 Engine Plate

    Have you sold the analyzer? PM or call me if you prefer at 843 450 6512. Please leave message if I can't answer and I will get back to you asap. Thanks, Tom.
  12. Arizona Z-Car aluminum radiator - Free

    What a deal! Too bad I'm not in need. It can be straightened buy someone who knows his stuff. How did this nice piece get smashed? I hope that you are not the culprit!
  13. 1983 LD28 Diesel Nissan Maxima wagon

    Your last post said you were parting out the wagon. What parts are still for sale? PM me if you would like or give me a buzz at 843 450 6512. Please leave a message if I can't answer and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you, Tom.
  14. 280ZX "shakotan style"

    Nice looking wheels! Who makes them and how much do they cost?
  15. 280zx door seal weatherstripping alternative?

    The Zcarsource kit does not include the door seals. These seals are probably the most wanted of all, especially the small one on top of the door that gets smashed after years of use and it's the one that allows water to enter the cockpit floor. I'm trying to Steel Rubber to make some kits and will post my finding soon.