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  1. I was referred to a company in Fullerton CA who might have weather strips for early ZX cars. I talked with the owner, Randy, who was very aware of the demand for these seals. He has some listed on his site but doesn't have seals for the doors. However, he has invested in the process of making a complete line for these cars and plans to be able to offer them for sale by the end of this year. This doesn't help me at present to keep the water out of my 79 but at least, their is light at the end of the tunnel. Making the tooling for these seals is a very expensive process. I'm told many thousand dollars need to be handed over so I hope the members here can support his efforts when no other company will do so. I will stay in touch with Randy and post any updates.
  2. Mayolives

    78 280Z Side Trim Parts

    My 78 280Z has the stainless trim pieces on each side. The car just returned from paint where the holes to mount the trim were to be welded in. But that didn't happen so I now must re-install the trim. I'm missing several of the small, pointed end pieces that fit into each side trim piece. They are about 1 1/2 inches long. They are easy to remove by just by drilling out the one rivet that holds it to the body and then pull it from the long trim piece. Please PM me or contact me at 843 450 6512. Thank you for your help, Tom.
  3. Mayolives

    1978 280z 3.1L Turbo LDS Parting Out

    I suspect that my request is a bit too late. I just realize how old the sellers post is. Does your 78 have the stainless side trim pieces? The ones that are in three pieces on each side. One on the front fender, one on the door and one on the quarter panel. I need a few of the pointed end pieces that slide into the ends of each trim piece. Please PM me or contact me at 843 450 6512. Thank you for your help, Tom.
  4. I need a complete door latch mechanism for the driver's side on a 1978, 280Z. It needs to be complete with all the rods, holders, clips and etc . including the parts that attaches to the little button on the top of the door, that you push down to lock and pull up to unlock the door from inside. This part stands between me being able to finish all the door work on this car so obviously having it in hand is very important to me. Please private message me or contact me at 843 450 6512 in order for me to arrange for your payment. Thank you, Tom. (If I can't answer when you call, please leave a message and I will return your call asap.)
  5. Mayolives

    1978 280Z Door Latch Mechanism Driver Side

    I responded a moment ago but I don't see my post. I need the driver's side only. Please send your Paypal address along with the total charge and I'll transfer the payment. My zip is 29582, North Myrtle Beach, SC. Thank you, Tom.
  6. Mayolives

    71 240z antenna parts needed.

    Yes. My mast parts are in bad condition. One is broken the other, bent. That's why I chose not to use them. I'm not sure about the condition of the motors. I've never tested them. When I last needed an antenna, a friend gave me an used after market one that was manual and worked fine. However, it was mated to a new, $60.00 Ebay Pioneer radio that was very basic, and of non "audiophile" quality. I always spend the dollars on making the z cars I deal in run well and look good, not on sound systems unless a customer wants to upgrade. This has only happened one time over the past several years and I had the buyer work directly with a sound system shop to design and install it. It would appear that many people today use a secondary source for music in their cars., like an I-pod or cell phone.
  7. I found this 1983 280ZX in a building in South Carolina where had been setting since 1995. It is an original, untouched, unmolested car with all the original interior, exterior and under hood parts. Due to several bad storms resulting in roof collapses, the body is a mess, complete with rust holes a dented roof, etc. In my opinion, the body is far past restoring. When it was parked it had 90,852 miles on the clock and according to it's owner, ran perfectly. It was originally parked due to a family dispute involving his son's irresponsible driving that resulted in several traffic tickets the last one included the police knocking on their door after the ZX outran the policeman who had been chasing it. I found out about the car several months ago and purchased it. Parked behind the car was a 1950, short bed Ford pickup that had only suffered minor damage and was worth lot of dollars. The owner hired a body shop the repair the pickup and they had to move the ZX in order to get to the Ford. The body man managed to buy the 280 when he moved it out of the way of the truck. I had to buy the ZX from the body shop. This car is the luxury model with all the bells and whistles including power everything, t top sun roof, etc. Most consider the 1983 ZX to be the most refined and best built of the series. This car has an R200 differential, four wheel disc bakes,good glass, hard to find, low back leather seats that could be recovered and used or resold for good money. I know these seats, in decent condition, are scarce as hens teeth because several month ago, I tried to find a pair for another ZX I was restoring. The ones I did locate were in terrible condition and were very expensive. I finally recovered the hi backs that were in the car. Under the hood, from radiator to the firewall is untouched and in good condition. I have not attempted to start the engine but it "turns" freely. In order to start it for the first time, I would do several things in order to not damage the engine including fresh oil, oiling the valve train, removing the spark plugs and oiling the rings through the plug holes to free up any stuck piston rings. In the past I have used Marvel Mystery Oil for this purpose. When I bought the car, all it's tires were flat and would not hold air. I replaced them with other wheels with like new, Michelin tires that have less than two thousand miles on them. I will sell the car with the other wheels and Michelins and will include the original Iron cross wheels. This car will make the ideal donner car and will have many parts that can be stripped and sold. After you are done with the transplant, the junk man can have it and should pay in the neighborhood of $200 - $300 for what's left. The car is located in North Myrtle Beach, SC. My price is a firm at $2500., but I'll consider trades or partial trades, up or down. If you have a serious interest in this car, I have many pictures that I can text to you and please call me so that I can answer your questions. If I can't answer when you call, please leave a message with your number and I will return your call asap. Thank you for your interest, Tom. 843 450 6512.
  8. Mayolives

    71 240z antenna parts needed.

    Duff, Earlier today I was searching for a part at zcardepot.com. They also have several choices that may help you ranging from a $19.00 manual antenna to their best one, a $65.00 fully automatic. I know what I would do in order to have decent radio reception. You can chose to deal with a forty year old piece or replace it with a much better one that doesn't cost an arm and leg. Please don't misunderstand me. The one on my shelf is still yours for the taking if you decide that is what you want. I have been dealing with "Mat" at the depot. He is always dependable and manages to ship my orders quickly. Tom
  9. Mayolives

    78 280Z Interior Pictures Needed

    Little Tujunga, Thanks again for the picture. After studying it and the placement of the brackets my memory took over and I've got it. I finally was able to determine what hardware came from the 240 and what came from the 280 that I'm putting back together. All is well in Datsun land again. Tom
  10. I'm installing a new interior on a 1978, 280Z, coupe. I need pictures of the rear floor area, in particular, the hinged, press board cover that rests over the spare tire and the associated mounting hardware. The FSM is of no help pertaining to this subject. My long story made short is that I removed all these parts in preparation for installing a new interior and to have the car painted. This took place about two years ago and I didn't label the parts when removed. Although I did have the car painted back then, I stored it until the present. For the last several years I have been dealing in first and second generation Z cars and about ten other cars have passed through my little home based business since I stored the 78, 280Z two years ago. I added to my problem, when I parted out a 73, 240Z and all the press board and hardware floor parts from at least two cars are now mixed together. I've now completed most of the interior work including door panels, headliner, dash work, lock work, glass work, etc and need to finish the rear floor section. Now when looking at my pile of floor cover parts, it just doesn't make since to me. If someone would be kind enough to send me pictures of this area including the placement of the mounting brackets, etc., I would be able to finish my work and send this car along to another happy Z car person. This situation should remind us of the importance of taking pictures of and labeling parts when removing them. I've been playing with these cars for decades and have touched about every part on them, but this deal has me "stumped". Thank you in advance for your help, Tom. 843 450 6512 (mayolives) .
  11. Mayolives

    71 240z antenna parts needed.

    I will gladly give you one of mine that still has the antenna in place. However, it's rusted and the rubber parts are dried and broken. If you do have a good motor, I believe that MSA sells the mast part and they are not expensive. I could be wrong but probably in the twenty buck territory. Check them out and let me know what you decide to do, Tom.
  12. Mayolives

    71 240z antenna parts needed.

    Duff, I have a couple on the shelf. Two cam from 73, 240s and one from a 78, 280. I don't know if they are what you want but I'm reasonably certain that all of the early cars use the same one. You can have it for the whooping sum of ZERO bucks plus shipping. Oooo what a deal! After all these years have passed, I feel the need to give you a "hand up" for motivational purposes. Please contact me if you want it, Tom. 843 450 6512
  13. Mayolives

    steering column cover clam shell 280z

    I saw the part you need listed today at maseraticompound .com. Strange name for a company that has so many parts for our cars. Each part is cleaned and inspected before being pictured on their website and they are really good about shipping your purchased fast. They even have, obscure parts like rollers and stops for side windows, etc. I have bought items from them a number of times and they are very good to deal with. So if you are in need of a Datsun left handed widget for a sky hook, they probable will have it in stock at a reasonable price.
  14. Mayolives

    78 280Z Interior Pictures Needed

    Thank you for the photo. And I apologize for my slow response. Would it be possible to send a few pictures of the support brackets? They would be very helpful. Thanks again, Tom.
  15. I'm going to install new gauges in my 73, 240Z. Does anyone have tips or advice for me? I've used Autometer for other builds in the past but is there another gauge that I might consider? Although I'm not a big fan of working upside-down I'm going to leave the dash in place and not remove it from the car. I haven't bought gauges yet but would like to order them within the next few days. Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Mayolives

    Advice Needed To Install New Autometer Gauges

    Thank you Miles. "A big of snakes" is probably a good description. It will stay in place and I'll keep my good conduct badge, cheers, TB.
  17. Mayolives

    Advice Needed To Install New Autometer Gauges

    Miles, Thank you for the reply and the link. I did feel a little guilty when I posted, but a number of the links I found when searching would not open. I suspect because they were many years old and ? lost? during updates? I did find some You Tube videos that were helpful. I removed a dash from a 78 280 some years ago and recently one from a 73 240 and the job wasn't fun, for sure. I'm currently knee deep restoring my 73 240 and removed the windshield a few days ago. I wanted to complete all the under the dash work before I installed the new glass. Do you believe it would be easier in the long run, to go ahead and remove the dash in order to install the gauges, check out the wiring and prepare it for a new dash cap? It has the original dash in poor condition and doesn't have a cap installed. Thank you for your help, TB.
  18. Mayolives

    Brand New T5 Short Shifter - $45

    Yasin, Oppps. I just noticed that it's sold. If the sale doesn't work out, please contact me. Thanks, Tom.
  19. Mayolives

    Brand New T5 Short Shifter - $45

    Slowrusty. I will take it. Please reply with payment instructions and I will take care of business. Thanks, Tom. PS: If you would prefer to contact me by phone, my cell number is 843 450 6512. Please leave message if I can't answer when you call and I'll return your call asap.
  20. Mayolives

    280zx door seal weatherstripping alternative?

    I was given another contact yesterday who may be able to help us with zx weather striping. They are Vintage Rubber Products and show several seals for zx cars on their web site, but not anything for the doors. I will call they next week and post my results.
  21. Mayolives

    280zx door seal weatherstripping alternative?

    I spoke with Steele Rubber yesterday. They are not interested in making ZX weather striping due to only making product for American cars and initial cost of tooling. However, they have ask me to send a set of ZX door seals to them to see if they could match or come close to a match from their existing inventory of door seals. I will remove the seals from my 79, sent them off and post my findings as soon as I hear from Steele Rubber. Fingers crossed!!!
  22. cgsheen...............You are absolutely correct. Correct positioning of the fender can be a big part of the process and it can be moved about a bunch. I didn't think about it in my response. I guess that I'm losing it in my old age!
  23. Just like Zetsaz states above, the doors from different years are interchangeable. Both the door lock striker and the door hinges are adjustable. The striker can be adjusted, both up/down and in/out. The hinge part that is attached to the body can be adjusted while the other part of it that is attached to the door is stationary and can't be moved. Hint....A little goes a long way. Start with the hinge bolts. Loosen and move the hinge just a little, up/down then in/out, until you have a good fit. Then move the striker until the door closes properly. This job requires patience and a "trial and error" attitude. Just take your time. Also, If your hinge pin is very worn, you will need to replace it for a proper fit. They are NLA from Nissan but pins from another American car will perfectly. I used them but don't remember what car they came from. I remember getting them from the dealer parts dept. Do a search here on the site. There is a post discussing which pin to order.
  24. Mayolives

    ECCS ANALYZER & L6 Engine Plate

    NISMO_ZXT.............Please contact me. My cell # is 843 450 6512.
  25. Mayolives

    Dammit here we go

    Yup, it's a disease and an addiction! Once you get started you can't stop until the money and or time runs out. But a good one indeed.