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  1. I am on the hunt for a non rusty passenger side upper frame structure to replace my crumpled one that was the result of the previous owners rear end wreck.Hopefully someone in southern California or elsewhere willing to ship, has something they can cut to fit the need. Pics provided for a better explanation.
  2. engine bay upper body frame structure for a 240Z

    Any chance you could get pic looking up under view ? I am a bit worried that car may be a bit too rusty for that piece but will remain optimistic. I am still debating on cutting my pinched rail piece out and rebuilding it, but would like to see another angle or two if you don't mind, Thanks...
  3. engine bay upper body frame structure for a 240Z

    It may just come down to that option but I am first reaching out to a few other car forums and Z related businesses to see if they have a possible donor car to cut from. Tho of Time Machine Race craft does have a rather nice spot welder waiting for use.
  4. engine bay upper body frame structure for a 240Z

    Yeah, it may come down to that if I can't find a donor car to cut the puzzle piece from. I just spoke with Tho (fabrication specialist), and a smaller piece as shown in the edited pics would suffice if we can't find the upper rail all the way to the tip. My detail obsession or ocd, call it what you may, makes life hard for me to do simple things or ways that most wouldn't think twice about. Much like the painted wall of Singer Automotive "Everything Is Important" tends to rule my thoughts.
  5. engine bay upper body frame structure for a 240Z

    Ritrebor, Unfortunately I don't think that would work as it was cut just in the zone forward of the uprights where I need it the most. Thanks for offering and it is a damn shame as that would have been a convenient possibility.
  6. Exposed's 1jz Build

    I agree, those wheels look great! I would be interested in seeing the fitment in the trans tunnel with that CD009 as well as my car just got dropped off with my Fab guy to do other work. I'm sure the original mounting tabs in the trans tunnel had to be cut.
  7. Nelsonian 240z

    Finally got the old project moving in gear and loaded up for a little 45 mile drive up to Tho Chung's garage at Time Machine Racecraft for more stitch and spot welding as well as some fabrication. I also got a chance to see his '74 Mazda RX4 that I love in that green color. Also snapped a few pics of the front upper engine bay structure that was crumpled in the previous owners wreck. I am on the hunt for a replacement piece if anyone has a clean non rusty/crusty piece on the passenger side.I am planning on having the new Ford 8.8 lsd vapor blasted to remove the years of oxidation and leave a clean even sheen. That's it for now....
  8. Nelsonian 240z

    I have been planning for years now to create a build thread for this project but only getting around to it now. Ok, where to begin. In 2004, I purchased a local 1973 240z in very much original state right down to the stock steel rims with hubcaps. I always new that performance modifications were the main goals for this car. I had just started a new job at this time and my salary was certainly going to limit my plans for out right performance. I started off with the most basic and effective changes, (replace points dist with electric dizzy, round top carbs for the flat tops). I began my regular routine of junk yard reconnaissance missions always on the hunt for automotive treasures. Shortly after a few trips to the jy, I picked up a decent set of 280zx six spoke rims to give a little upgrade in the visual department. As weeks and months sped along, I continuously read and based decisions off of current threads here and formed a long term plan for a turbo transplant. Funding was (is) still a challenge for this project, but I came to grips with taking my time and doing it very thorough and complete from the start. I scored a completely rebuilt l28et in Oceanside,CA, that only had 3500 break in miles on it and a relevant warranty still in tact. A little time and haggling had me going home with the engine, stock ecu/wiring, and a new megasquirt version 2.2 for a good price. I barely drove the car with it's stock l24 for only a few hundred miles then made the decision to attend to some of the visible rust concerns in advance of adding more power and torque. Having had this car off the street and at a friends house for some time, I slowly started filling my "parts wanted list" from many members here. The parts collection started to grow, and as more time went by I found my self with the next level upgrades and even doubles and tripples of some parts,(transmissions, air dams, spoilers,etc). Somewhere around 08' I ended up breaking my left index toe while surfing very fun waves down in baja, (hence the Purple Toe Project name). This resulted in a one month sick leave from work as I was unable to adhere to the city policy of steel toe boots at all times. Here is where the "while I'm at it" mantra took affect and snow balled into the current goal of every thing changed for the better. I began disassembling the car and bagging/labeling all hardware to make it easier when reassembly finally became a reality. I planned all along to remove all the old undercoating and bring the car down to bare metal to see and fix any needed rust issues and fortify by chasis strengthening. Fast forward to June 2010. I receive the info that I have 18 days to remove my car from the property it was on as the house was up for sale. At this point I had a completely stripped car sitting on the rotisserie still in need of the undercoating removal. I shifted into high gear, took a few monday/fridays off and ground off all the bottom. My arsenal consisted of Snap On Crud thug, harbor freight needle scaler/ pnumatic scraper. I tried the Mister Muscle oven cleaner route but it soon became a concern for contaminating the ground, as well as burning skin after grinding off with the crud thug. My friend allowed me to work on his property, but did not want caustic materials close to his dog. I got everything stripped on the underside, and started to focus on the engine bay removing the flexable wiring tabs to clean it up. I scooped up a truck camper cart or dolly off of craigslist and strapped down the freshly stripped body to it. In July I had a towing truck take the car on dolly to Time Machine Racecraft in Oceanside, CA. where ther current in depth rusteration has been taking place. My goals at Time Machine were to: {Have a new oem rear patch panel applied, pass Tabco dog leg replaced, battery tray area fixed, tc arm gusset added, new Zedd floors, Baddog frame & sub rails, AZC camber plates, 4 point chromolly roll bar, new seat mount brackets, fill antenna/badge holes}. Along the way we have had to address unexpected rust issues from the previous owner doing a horrible job fixing a passengers side rear end wreck. Discovered under a nice paint job, was a section of metal covered in 1/8" of unpropperly mixed bondo, just waiting to absorb and hold moisture. The repair job was by far the most amateur work I have seen to date. Tho Chung, Owner of Time Machine Racecraft, took a good piece of patch siding that I provided and filled in that puzzle piece. I cant say enough good things about Tho's attention to detail and welding skills, truely an artist with a welder. So here is where I am currently with my build, with plans to have the paint blasted and then the whole car epoxy coated. The car will then sit for a few monthes until I can get teh funds to have a bodyman apply the subtlez kit and paint the car. I look forward to the day I can reassemble and finally drive this car again.
  9. 8.8 IRS questions? Who is happy with what mount?

    I'm interested in seeing this progress, please share a few pics as it comes together.
  10. Nelsonian 240z

    I could only guess at this point as to how the final fitment will play out. I will be using a Ford 8.8 IRS diff, custom Driveshaft Shop axles for my rear set up. I called and spoke with John in regards to the possibility of making the rear quarters a half inch narrower. He seemed to think it could be done, but in the end I decided to just order standard size. I still like other wheel options out there, (Work VS KF, or VS XX, BBS RS GT, or SSR Professor SP1R) all in 2 or 3 piece and wide width's. The YZ rear quarters will accommodate up to a 12" rim and house 315's. Case in point would be Darius' 240Z here... http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/1412-1972-datsun-240z-chevrolet-small-block/
  11. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Looking forward to see some videos of it ripping down the road.
  12. Nelsonian 240z

    I am happy with the overall quality of the Ztrix parts, but as with any fiberglass parts there are some finishing touches needed. John Washington is a great guy to deal with and responds and answers any and all questions in a timely fashion. As for my front chromoly tubing, the shock towers just connect to a flat plate footing on the fire wall so the wipers still function. I intend to stitch weld the firewall next. I only have a 4 point roll bar as it will primarily be a street car with intentions to occasionally autocross, canyon carve, maybe non competitive fun day run at Willow Springs, etc... I just got in touch with Tho Chung of Time Machine Race craft who has the time and has agreed to finish all the stitch welding. We also discussed the removal of the rear spare tire floor area in prep for a fuel cell and mounting cage. Hopefully next weekend I can get the car up to him to start. Tough decisions on how to go about it with the widebody choices. I would agree with you and say the Pandem kit would be my last choice of the three, just my opinion there...
  13. Nelsonian 240z

    The new tires came in and had them mounted at the end of last week. This has me motivated to make some progress with the build. I called my old friend Tho Chung who has previously done the majority of fab work on the car, to see if I can get him to finish up the stitch welding in the front and rear of the car as well as cut out the rear floor with the spare tire well. Still waiting to hear back and plan accordingly.
  14. New OS Giken R200 LSD

    I have a new and unused OS Giken, 3.9 gear ratio, helical gear, 2 way R200 LSD that is set up as a 1.5 way. It was professionally installed by Pro Gear differential parts and service in San Diego who also cleaned, painted and installed a new R200 pinion nut, seal as well as the side seals. I bought this from the previous owner who had the work done and only put it into my parts storage while my car project slowly crawled along. I am including my R200 finned cover that I had professionally powder coated in wheel silver with it. This is new and waiting for a new owner , $1500 ....
  15. Nelsonian 240z

    Had to meet with Mark my previously planned engine builder and pick up my engine to bring down to the storage garage today. This is the closest my car a has come to it's new intended heart transplant so far. Just a few pics and finally bagged it up for a little more hibernation .....
  16. I hate the aspect of lifting the hatch and filling inside the rear of the car, but want to be legitimate for any beginner/amateur track related use I would be starting in. Trying to plan accordingly and from what I have seen from other builds here it is imperative to have a trap door cover and if I'm correct only fill from that in rear car location. My car is primarily going to be a street driven with plans to occasionally canyon carve/beginner autocross and be a beginner occasional drag car. I was originally going to modify the stock tank with an in tank pump and I already have the top ring, but I like the track legality and roll over safety of the cell. Been looking at Fuel Safe and Radium engineering surge tanks lately. I definitely want the largest cell I can put in (15 gal?) as I plan on using 91 premium and E-85 which will be consumed voraciously.
  17. I love the results keep it coming as I am getting completely motivated for my build with each new update you put out. How are you planning on filling the fuel cell? from the stock location on the passenger side or something custom behind the license plate? Trying to make sense of the last pic showing the canted spout on the top of the cell. I am now committing to a fuel cell and frame much in line with yours and the over built route.
  18. New OS Giken R200 LSD

    Diff has been sold and this thread can be closed.
  19. Back in the Datsun business!

    Glad to see your back Challenger....
  20. Nelsonian 240z

    As usual it's been awhile since last updating, but not a whole lot to update on currently. I just received my new rear YZ quarter panels from Ztrix.com and did a quick mock up for visual sake. After switching wheels from the 9.5" Rota RB's to the wider Volk Te37's at 10" I wanted to stuff the widest performance street tire that I could and the old Subtle Z rear quarters would not have let me do that. Today I ordered a set of 275/40R/17" BF Goodrich Sport Comp 2 tires and will have them in and mounted mid next week. I also picked up a mint condition, barely used Ford 8.8 IRS posi trac differential 3.55 gear ratio from an '02 Expedition whom the seller said only had between 50 to 75 miles on it. He is or was a Ford tech and said the then new expedition still under warranty was misdiagnosed as having a bad rear diff causing a shimmy. After the new one (this one I purchased) was installed and driven for the said 50 to 75 miles it was clear that it was not the root cause. The diff was then purchased by the seller and he held on to it until today when he put it up for sale and I snagged it. I am patiently waiting for the custom mounts to materialize in another thread so I can get some and continue on with the other parts needed to put all on the car. I had my body/paint guy Stuart come out and look at the new quarter panels in preparation to starting back working on the car, but he wanted me to have all parts on and ready before going down the guessing route with body mods and fitment. Makes sense and I should have known better by now after having something built before a major component is in it's place for fitment purposes. I started cleaning out some of the light surface rust in my stock 240Z gas tank with Evapo-rust and have it soaking from last Thursday. I had it boiled out a long time ago and put into storage, but you can't hide from the damn rust demons. I am also now committed to removing the rear spare tire well and going with a fuel cell and surge tank set up and when the time comes to resume will commission that work to Stuart. I am also putting the remaining "to get" engine parts on hold (forged pistons and rods, fluidamper), to focus on the body work. Tomorrow I will pick up my 2JZ engine from my planned engine builder Mark and put it into my storage garage for a bit. Mark has had it in his garage for a few years now and has moved into a new house with a smaller garage and has another three engines and tons of other parts. That's about it for now. Pictures show the quarter panels loosely taped on and over the existing Subtle Z panels along with the custom blended spoiler protruding into it's intended spot of application resulting in it pushing out a good inch a the top and back. Basically just excited when the box arrived and had to get a quick and dirty visual look for motivation......
  21. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Yes very, very, very interested as I am now going to get a mint condition '02 diff from an expedition after typing this. Really hope you are happy with the last changes you made and these will be available real sooooon.
  22. Nicely done. Making great progress. Are you making a custom dash?
  23. Exposed's 1jz Build

    I was just checking out the Radium catch cans on their site. http://www.radiumauto.com/Webpage.aspx?WebpageId=15&PostID=102
  24. Random new S30 parts for sale

    I just found a mislabeled box containing some left over parts that I will not be using. All parts are new and unused (with the exception of the stock down pipe). Located in Eastern San Diego 91941. Buyer covers shipping and pp fee = 2.9%.... I have a BBK Power Plus 70mm throttle body that the previous owner used only bolted onto his engine for mock up purposes. I had it professionally painted semi gloss black. = SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a new set of MSA chrome vents for an S30 dash = SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a clean stock down pipe with heat shield = SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a rare set of Nissan Competition aluminum valve retainers for L series engines = SOLD SOLD SOLD New pair of unused Michelin Pilot Sport PS 2 in 265/40ZR/17 sizes. New, these Ultimate summer performance tires were $600. I had these mounted on my new Rota RBR 17x9.5" rear rims, but they never turned a mile on the pavement. I removed and stored them indoors and ended up selling the Rota's to replace with forged Volk TE37 V in a 17x10" , five lug pattern. I am going with a wider 275" - 295" tire, hence the sale. Selling for = $275 I have a new, unused T3/T4 flange for a downpipe = $20 SHIPPED Lower alternator bracket powder coated glossy black = $20 New Clutch packs (6), made of spring steel for Nissan R200 LSD 3.7 = SOLD SOLD SOLD Happy Holidays HybridZ Family !!!
  25. Random new S30 parts for sale

    Sorry JSM, Ritrebor was on this one from the get go. Clutch packs sold...