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I've had my '83 for a little ove ten years now. T-top, 5 spd, NA coupe. I finally started really tearing into it at 274k miles. As she sits now:


Flat top pistons with N42 head.

Balanced internals, ARP Studs and Rod bolts.

Z31 ECU with Nistune. (Still wiring)


Much more stuff, but I'm too lazy at the moment.




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I think I'm in love KTM! Very tastefully done! I like the blacked out lighting and the drop- just makes the dark colored car look even more sleek. What are the window stickers? I'd buy a hybrid z sticker if it wasn't 2 square feet in size!


Thanks alot, its a PeteZ and Zdriver sticker. Dont usually like stickers on my car but there not to big

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Guest vegas datsun

82 60-1 Turbo zx checking in

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I have a rust free 280zx....yay Ill post pics later, but anyway my Z was my first car and my daily for a year and now I use it for autoX and drifting (yes drifting, dont like it? too bad) and am finally getting a L28ET in about a month and planning on doing a coilover conversion as soon as my buddy with a S13 lets me borrow them lol.


^^^sorry to hear that, hope you get your car back to were it was. Iv always liked your ZX

Some people wanted to see how my car looked with the BRE spoiler so heres some pictures. Please excuse the wheels, im in the middle of either getting new wheels or spacers for my Advans





wow your car is looking good man, looks much better with the turbo wheel than the Rewinds IMO, and how long have u had you Tokico Springs installed? i have tokico shocks/springs too and my car is no way near as low as that, but lately i noticed my front is much lower than the rear after a year of them being on. Oh and where do you get that wing? I love it!

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i like all the s130s. here is mine as it was until today when i removed the front bumper to prep for an older front bumper and i also have some fenderflares i picked up from a car in the junkyard. the front bumper is going to be a little work. it has to be extended from the front to the back but it is the same width. with suprising exact same holes for the bumper.


but here is mine when i got her.






and this is about 2 months ago



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Contrary to my username, my car is a N/A.


I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As you can tell, I am unable to organize my thoughts very well. I know; I'll tell a story.


Back in the summer of 2006, I was talking to my neighbor(who is like a semi-licensed mechanic/handyman sort of guy) when I offhandedly mentioned that I was looking for an older car to fix up. At the time, I hardly had any money whatsoever. He said that he had a 1979 Datsun 280zx. I knew about the Datsun 240z's because I had read about them in books and the internet. I said back to him, "280zx?" with emphasis on the "80" and the "X". I told him I would get back to him, and after some Google searches, I still couldn't determine the difference between the 240z,260z,280z and the 280zx. I talked to him yesterday, and he told me that he could drive me to his buddies place(where he was storing the car) On the car ride there, he told me about how fun a car it was to drive, but he didnt have the time to fix it up. So basically, at that time I was worried that it was going to be a "parts only" sort of car with half a fender left, and a rusted hood. When we got there, I was in awe to tell you the truth. I had never seen a car like it before. You see, where I come from, You rarely ever see any pre-Z32's around, because of the severe rust issues.


The first thing I did was try to contain my excitement that I could potentially OWN this car if I so choose to buy it. I opened the hood, and the engine bay looked relatively nice and clean. There was some rust around the fenders, and a little bit around the quarters, and some bubbling around the hatch area. I then asked for the key, and opened the drivers side door. The Interior was MINT. it seriously looked as though it had never been used before. I looked on the Odometer and it read 160,000 kilometers. Thats less than 99,500 miles for all you imperial guys out there.


I then asked him if I could start it up, because I assumed that it ran. He then told me that the gas tank had a hole in it, and thats the reason he parked it. By then, the excitement was starting to wear off of my face, as I realized what I would have to do to get this car safetied. On the ride home, he was trying to tell me everything he knew about the car. He said all it needed was the gas tank to have the hole fixed to run. I'm not one to believe everything that people tell me, so I have to admit, I was a bit worried if I did buy it and get the gas tank fixed that I might realize that there were some other major engine problems with it.


When we were basically home, I popped the question.


Me: So Manuel, how much do you want for it.(I was expecting around 800 to tell you the truth)

Him: $300

Me: Are you joking?

Him: Ok fine, but not any lower than $200.

Me: t-t-t-two-h-hundred did you say?(by then I was almost peeing my pants with excitement)

Him: Yep

Me: I'll take it!


About three days later, I called a tow truck, and we brought it home. I literally spent about 6 hours just cleaning the body and the interior from all the dust that collected from 3 years of sitting. There was still one problem- I had no clue if it ran or not. After several days of it just sitting there, waiting to be ran, I decided to take out the gas tank. By then, I had a Haynes manual, so it was a breeze to take out. Later on in the night my neighbor came over with a jack, some bricks and a few pieces of 2x4s. Since it was almost winter, he suggested that I jack the car a few inches so that it wasn't sitting on it suspension the whole winter. He also told me he was going to start it for me. I explained to him that my gas tank was in my shed, and it wasn't fixed. He then told me he would be right back. He came back in about 5 minutes with a spray bottle filled with liquid of some sort.(The bottle wasn't see through) He told me to go sit in the drivers seat, and try starting the car. By this time, I had found an old car battery around the house, and had put it in the ZX. I told him it wouldn't start, because the battery was dead. I realized in my dads truck we had booster cables. We hooked the booster cables to the truck, and the battery in the 280zx. He told me to go inside the car and try to start it. I went and turned the key, and low and behold the engine was cranking, but it wouldnt turn over.(Just as I had suspected considering I had no gas tank) He told me to keep going, so I did. He then proceded to take off the PVC piping that comes right after the MAF and spray this liquid right into my intake. By then my heart was pounding, praying to the Z gods that my car would start.


IT DID!!! Was it ever loud too, I recalled him telling my that it had an after market exhaust system, but I didn't expect his idea of "Aftermarket" to be a hack sawed exhaust pipe right underneath my door. Thats right people, no muffler, no cats, no anything to even remotely muffle the sound of that I-6 .


Thats the moment when I became addicted to Z-cars. I had to explain to my friends at school that it sounded pretty damn to close to a V-8. One of my friends, who owned(and still does) a 1967 cutlass with a 327 didn't believe me. I guess he attributed all imports to the sound of a Honda Civic with a fart can. That night I told him to come over and hear the car. After doing the same thing my neighbor did, I got it started, and I tell you,after hearing the sweet sound of that straight-6 he has never said anything bad about any imports(except for the occasional riced out Civic)



At the beginning of summer, I picked up a 1983 parts car, and started to swap some parts over. I got the gas tank and fuel pump both swapped, and drained all fluids and replaced them and finally started the car, and to my amazement, it ran right away.


At the start of this whole Z-car thing, I didn't really know anything about them, and now I would consider myself to be quite knowledgeable about the Z's.

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