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    I’m here because of a few reasons: 1) seems to be populated by more seasoned, experienced people 2) I don’t do Facebook... too much political content and trolling. I do Instagram though. I post pictures of my work, and just unfollow people when they post a political (left or right) image.
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    Signal and reverse lights cleaned up/painted and new lenses added. Will replace all the wiring later. Made some wheels out of swivel casters, 4x4's and U-bolts so I could push the car around. Also had to move garages which was slightly sketchy. In the new space with some major garage upgrades. Finally got the cage in for good. More details to come. Strut towers also cut for weld-in plates. Lining up the T3 weld-in camber plates. IMG_6134.mov Welded on both sides. In retrospect, it would have been prettier if I put them on top of the towers, but it seemed like this would be stronger. They'll be covered by STB brackets anyway. A huge haul of parts show up, as well as seats and belts. Quick test fit:
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