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  1. I would find a 2015+ F150 based coyote and boost it. Voodoo is too much coin. 15+ has the Boss rods and the engine can hold 750 wheel all day. Looking for updates via here or youtube.
  2. Thats is a really old video, Guys a bit goofey but its essentially what your doing when cutting your fenders. We weld the inner and outters rear fenders together now. we also know the measurements from others trial and error. Its a nerve racking job to do it yourself the first time
  3. I have a L33 twin turbo going in mine and I have to move the rad outside the frame support. Should still be able to fit the IC. Its still going to be tight.
  4. Wish this site would allow me to link from my google images. I just get extension now allowed.
  5. Photobucket is dead. I wish they would allow hyperlinking from google but it states extension is nor allowed. I use it on other boards all the time
  6. I feel for ya. I'm restricted by budget as well. It will come in time. Always nice seeing progress!
  7. Absolutely Fantastic. I have already started setting money aside. I have a friend that owns a very large company with water mills, laser, etc. He makes a ton of custom stuff and is a car guy as well. If you have things autocadded up I can send you his info. Downside is that its up here in Ontario.
  8. Camera on my phone is broke. Sorry for the fuzzies. It will be replaced soon. I cut off the flanges from the headers. Placed the turbo approximately where I want them and started to cut and weld.
  9. Thanks Jim. I am building my own harness. its was actually easier then I though it would be. Angry primer is awesome. <y car was painted because I only had to pay for the paint lol.
  10. The tech2 is centered. No I sold it to a guy in Edmonton working in the oil fields. I hope he put it to good use.
  11. I had the tech2 swap kit { http://shop.1jzgteswap.com/240Z-280Z-1JZ-2JZ-SWAP-KIT-DAT-001.htm } and it was good quality. I never ended up using it because I went with an LS setup. My LS motor and trans mounts are all CX racing and there actually good.
  12. Quit a bit. Just waiting for some dry weather so that I can roll it out of the garage and have some room to work. Hot side fabrication and wiring on next on the list.
  13. I want it all. The car wil be auto, and honestly I'm a drag guy. Road course it not my thing. I have done it on bike and car mainly at Mosport. I do love drag. Car will retain the IRS. and the block is still gold
  14. I managed to get the car home all safe and sound. Its been a cold week last week with only one good day so I took advantage of it. Motor is in but I am already running into issues. Car uses a LS1 water pump with spacer to match the truck crank. The TB hit the water pump and the heater lines hit the headers when in the low position. Solution is to pull the pressed in pieces for the heater line and tap them for AN fittings. The TB issues I'm still working on. I make be able to shave a little metal and make it work.
  15. not going to win you any beauty contests lol. I would try and get another dash. The silicone try stuff just can never be smooth. In the end its your car, and if your happy, its all that matters.
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