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  1. I have an N47 head in kansas city
  2. I have a really nice rust free orig paint in kansas city...
  3. I have a pedal box out of a 76 I don't know what years interchange either but I think it works... it's still in the car and have to pull it, in a day or two I'll get some pictures
  4. How much do you want for it?
  5. i have one..but am in the middle USA..kansas city ks
  6. i have one off a running engine thats been setting for some time..im in kansas city kansas..good core to rebuild..i wouldnt call it ready to run
  7. something like this...the 69 seat are similar..i will delete the headrest on later seats click on the thumbnail..i cant up load a big pic but it will enlarge..
  8. need a good set of frames for a project...will consider all from any year..but want 65 ish or 69 and later..i want the thin barrel type seats ill post a cpouple pics..but every roadster guy knows what i'm talking about, i'm sure... dont want head rests, but can modify the headrest seats...so looking for something solid..decent..
  9. came to the right spot..i posted a wanted ad after looking for a year..had the stuff in less than a week to do my conversio to RHD..theres some good guys here.. theres also a good build here too, a guy posted lots of details etc..
  10. i was offering the head to ZHoob..i have a good set of headers too...reasonable...shipping sucks probably
  11. i have a spare MN47 head that came with a motor the dude was going to hot rod...i have no plans on using it..ive just held onto it for a bit..
  12. are the early cars diff than say a 76?
  13. call it a "pay it forward" section..most forums i visit have one....
  14. napa..find a guy that will look in a catalog..
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