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  1. What John said is exactly what I was worried about, guess I'll stick with an r200.
  2. If you could get those flanges to get z31 axles to bolt in with minimal issues or at least not require custom axles then I would consider that worth the price of admission.
  3. The same question I've been pondering. Long nose r200's are getting harder to find and long nose r180's with lsd off of older sti's are becoming more easily attained. My only personal dilemma is I'm intending on running an RB25 and top off around 450-500hp, nobodys been able to confirm nor deny if the sti diffs can handle that kind of power reliably and I'm not in the business of doing things twice if it can be helped.
  4. Sooooo.... I say front and back kits and part numbers for which coilovers to buy and INTERESTED!
  5. i'm about 90% sure those are some version of the FEED FD side skirts on their old car, they have since created a new one with a different type but FD guys loved using them and has since started a trend in other car types since a company in china has produced a "universal" version
  6. Thanks, but I meant specific kit, they have different versions and packages and sizes and what not.
  7. Thanks for the link to the flares. I actually saw them but the title threw me off because their listed as zg fenders wide. I thought that meant the extra wide fenders.
  8. Thanks for the info, I think I actually have the tool at my job, have look for it lol.
  9. I wasn't assuming a 16 x 9 0 offset would fit, I was assuming a 16 x 9 0 offset would put me in a better position then +20 would and then with a small spacer should put it far out enough to clear the strut and fit decent with flares. But that's why I asked because I didn't want to pull the trigger on a set of 16x8 0 offset and 16x9 0 offset wheels only to have them fit so horribly I would need a 1 inch spacer just to make them work.
  10. Wow, thank you so much, really. It means a lot to me for you to take the time to explain that so thoroughly.
  11. Oh, I thought that was only for the wide versions.
  12. So where do people get good quality flares then?
  13. I'm looking to purchase some regular ZG flares soon and I was wondering where people bought them from? I heard their were complaints about MSA's flares so I was wondering if it was even worth the extra money to go with them when companies such as jdm flares pop up with probably the same quality for a lower price. http://jdmflares.com/products/ZG_Flares.html Now I'm not trying to be cheap, if you tell me MSA makes a better flare then other companies then so be it. But if they don't and these are basically the same then I'm just gonna give them a try, but I just wanted to be sure.
  14. Funny that those skirts made it all the way to the s30's, I remember when the real ones came out, they were designed by FEED for their FD Rx7. At first I hated them because they look like running boards for a truck, especially when installed wrong. Then by the time they grew on me it turned into "the cool thing" that everyone was doing. Good ol china, the originals used to cost like 500 before shipping.
  15. Hello everyone, as the title states I'm in a bit of a bind. When I purchased my 78 last year the PO explained the door locks didn't work and I would just need to have them replaced, no big deal. Or so I thought until i removed the panels and found that the little arms or rods or whatever you wish to call them that are attached to the back of the cylinders are missing. So thats what I need, locks with the arms attached. If anyone has anything please let me know. It would be very appreciated to be able to drive my car places. Heres an attached picture to show you what I need just inc
  16. Ok thank you very much for the information, I do have a few questions pertaining things you said that I've never heard before in my "e-travels". Why would it be difficult to mount the flares? Isn't their mounting position based off of location on the body? Or am I missing something? What would be close to the bump stops? And I understand where you are coming from with the "sitting outside the body" thing, and that makes sense. But does that mean that everyone that doesn't have crazy big wheels looks like that? Everyone with flares can't all possibly have super wide rims I think. I
  17. Hey sorry to thread jack a bit but I figured it would be smarter to post here then waste a new thread with my question. I want to get some new wheels for my z but I wasn't sure what I would have to do to make them fit or if they would look stupid or anything of the sort. I wanted to get 16x8 0 offset for the front and 16x9 0 offset for the rear and I wanted to run regular fender flares with (for the moment) stock suspension. Is there anything I need to do to them to get them to fit good without rubbing or being too sunk in with the flares? and whats the recommended tire setup for
  18. I'd definitely go with Mckinney, I know it sucks to have to pay the extra money when CX is so much cheaper but there are lots of people that have broken their stuff before. Only complaints people seem to have with Mckinney is supposedly earlier year z's have weaker trans mounts. Though I also heard they updated the mount to fix it.
  19. And to top that off, if your machinist can do better prices I think I'd be interested in a set myself.
  20. Hey, do you still need this thing?
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