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  1. It really depends on what you feel more comfortable with swapping into and your skill level/bank account is. If your more familiar with the v8 then go for it or same with the RB. Although I'm not particularly knowledgeable about that specific cuda engine, both swaps (meaning v8 and rb) have been very well documented. Money aside the RB swap is a stupid simple swap to do, everything has been done already for you in these pages and contrary to popular belief the parts are already here, no need to call Dom up and overnight parts from japan. The beauty of this site is everyone figured out th
  2. So how does the turbo feel? Response compared to stock? Any real world info is appreciated.
  3. I too am interested in the info your asking. I read up on both these things and they both equally interested me for their price points and simplicity. I hope someone can chime in with any real world experience. Free bump in the mean time.
  4. If I had to take a guess I'd say around 7 quarts like most of those pans, but I cant be sure. Pat1 would know better, though it doesn't look like one of his. As for the question on the dipstick, let me ask you this... When you installed the engine/pan did you knock out the little plug in the block and swap the dipstick tube with it? If not it will definitely read wrong since it will hit the shallow part of the pan.
  5. Nice car, Its good to see the young are still into modifying cars, whatever the style might be. Keep it up.
  6. Sort of but not quite, Eunos Cosmo was called the Rx5 in Europe so I suppose that does count but not all rotary powered cars had the designation RX in them, such as mazda's B2000 pickup. That being said there have been years and years of debate over at that god forsaken forum on the meaning of the letters but its all the same as this threads questions.
  7. Lol, true, though I meant literally why they chose the complete letter number combo. Doesn't stand for anything officially and despite sales of numbers and what not, there was never an RX5 & 6 unless they failed preproduction which mazda won't officially say either. So it just is what it is. Rx-7 vs. 280z......Jokes aside, after living through the rotary with my old FC and FD. I'd say Z. For so many reasons.
  8. Slightly off main topic but on the topic of translation issues. Even as late as the 90's and I'm sure to this day we have these goofy things brought to a large scale. For you car enthusiasts that might know a thing or two about the mazda rx7's the 93-02 FD chassis rx7 had its engine coded as 13B-REW. Reason being, it was the new twin turbo model of the 13B engine and they gave it letters to signify that. When asked later what the REW stood for, mazda later stated that it stood for "Rotary Engine Double turbo" but since Japanese didn't have an exact translation for double they used the letter "
  9. Hey Nigel, looking forwards to your pending next run. Shame I missed out on the first run. My loss on what looks like a great kit.
  10. ^Yea, its basicly first generation fuel injection for most vehicles back in the day, specifically American companies. Honestly when I first got into these cars I was pleasantly surprised that the FI of the 77-78 models had an injector per cylinder. One example would be the Chevy S10.
  11. Wow, v8 swapped a CYM, I'm sure you got lots of love from the pricks on 7club lol. Welcome to the happy forum, where innovation is encouraged rather than just walking the line. Looks good so far, can't wait to see it running.
  12. Wow...thats kind of nuts. Thats R34 pricing.
  13. Is there a way to get this as an actual PDF file? I like to try and save these write ups on my computer just incase something happens to the online version. Thank you tons for your time and effort.
  14. OMG I found the same thing in my car! haha sorry I am of no use but I'm in the same boat.
  15. Sorry for the late response, I have the vitaloni Californians. I personally pushed them up further then my 280's stock location for better line of sight. They don't rattle on me up to 110mph so far and have a pretty good range of adjustability. The mirror body moves up and down and the mirror glass rotates on a ball for more range. Any other questions or pictures let me know. These are currently the only pictures I have of the mirrors on the car.
  16. Yea I was just going to go with a modified obx and z31 axles, just seems like the simplest thing to do for my r200, especially since I have the axles already.
  17. Looks great, makes me think that I might not mind 17's on my Z.
  18. I bounce between the Clifton area and Edison. I actually picked the car up from south Carolina, original owners moved from Arizona to SC, shipping was pretty cheap and only took about 2 days to get to me. Montway was the company I used If anyone was wondering. But I was searching for a good month, searched literally all of cragislist south of Tennessee. Their out there, just takes time.
  19. Don't worry so much about it, if you search hard enough you can find a nice car that needs only minor work for a decent price. I picked up my 78 last year for 4k from a nice older couple that just didn't drive it anymore. Runs perfect almost zero rust and needs only minor cosmetic interior work. I just hope they never find pictures of the things I have in store for it haha!
  20. Anybody know if sti seats will fit dimensionally? I was considering them since their fairly abundant and go for pretty cheap.
  21. Little delay on the pictures, I got home late from work because were getting a few of our cars ready for the strip on friday and it was dark by the time I was done. However I am taking my car to work tomorrow to finish the final prep on it so I'll definitely take some pictures then. I could have sworn I had some on my computer but they're all from before i put the mirrors on. Sorry.
  22. I have the californians on my car and I personally love them, they don't vibrate and have enough visibility out of the back that I don't worry about missing anything anymore. They where a little tough to get lined up right but they were worth it. I also pushed them up almost to the very front of the door for better angle. I'll post pictures when I get home.
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