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  1. hopefully I wont need as much filler as the last guys 😅
  2. Small update from this weekend. Passenger side is getting welded up. Having some issues with symmetry but think I'm going to just leave it as is and run with it.
  3. Couple more pictures from last weekend. Planning on tackling the door in the next week or so.
  4. Great progress and quality of work. Enjoying the build, keep it up
  5. are you welding with tig or mig? If you doing a tig weld I'd do what AydinZ71 suggested and run a single pass or as close to one as possible. I have no doubts that it'll warp but just take a dolly and a body hammer to the tig welds and hammer them into themselves. You'll restretch the metal and it'll flatten out again, then you can grind down whats left of the welds.
  6. Filler panel for the driver side and remade a wider skin for the rocker panel. Drilled out a couple holes and welded a nut at the front and back of the rocker panel to hold down the new skin. Pretty happy with how its turning out, need to start on the door soon.
  7. @JboogsthethugThanks! I know it can be hard to find time. I'm hoping to have it outside of the shop sometime this year, glad its winter here for 8 months, gives me a bit more time to work on it 😅
  8. Slowly plugging away. Hopefully this is the last bit of rust left on the car.... A lot still needs to be cut away and remade. The door skin and driver side frame is up next.
  9. @toolman thinking im going to pick up a shrinker, I've been beating the panels with a hammer but to get on the small edges is a pain. Thanks for the response on that.
  10. At least I'm not the only one who constantly changes there mind. I definetly wasnt expecting a change like that, looks great!! Cannot wait to see this roughed out panel from the side.
  11. Hey! From looking at there site it looks as though they just relabeled there company. If its the same owner as before it was called Retro Spec. From what I've seen in the past 9 out of 10 reviews thats ive seen about retro spec were similar issues to what your dealing with. and 1 of 10 was that they received a product after a long wait and quality was good. There are some reviews on Hybridz about them.
  12. @Sanchez I did something similar to my front end when I redid it, I ended up using 2x2 0.125 wall thickness. I havent driven the car yet but looks a lot better than it did. If I was to redo it again I would run the frame rails all the way under the floor pans and brace everything up together.
  13. Another long weekend down and a bit more finished on the Z. Passenger side panel remade again... still need to adjust for spacing and give it abit more shape.
  14. making some good progress on the car! How do you like the woodward line of tools? Do you have any other?
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