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  1. @toolman thinking im going to pick up a shrinker, I've been beating the panels with a hammer but to get on the small edges is a pain. Thanks for the response on that.
  2. At least I'm not the only one who constantly changes there mind. I definetly wasnt expecting a change like that, looks great!! Cannot wait to see this roughed out panel from the side.
  3. Hey! From looking at there site it looks as though they just relabeled there company. If its the same owner as before it was called Retro Spec. From what I've seen in the past 9 out of 10 reviews thats ive seen about retro spec were similar issues to what your dealing with. and 1 of 10 was that they received a product after a long wait and quality was good. There are some reviews on Hybridz about them.
  4. @Sanchez I did something similar to my front end when I redid it, I ended up using 2x2 0.125 wall thickness. I havent driven the car yet but looks a lot better than it did. If I was to redo it again I would run the frame rails all the way under the floor pans and brace everything up together.
  5. Another long weekend down and a bit more finished on the Z. Passenger side panel remade again... still need to adjust for spacing and give it abit more shape.
  6. making some good progress on the car! How do you like the woodward line of tools? Do you have any other?
  7. @Nelsonian yes that was the idea. Feel as though it isnt flowing well though, might finish the panel then just snip that section out.
  8. Work has slowed down abit so currently have my sundays back! Got started on the front fender. Did a quick mock up with tape and installed my new turn signal then started laying out some lines on some sheet metal. The plan is to try to have the front fender blend back into the orginal fender and the door, fingers crossed i dont have the remake this peice a whole bunch of times. I ended up notching out the one sections for the turn signal and folding the metal back. After taking another look at it im not to sure I like the cut out section. Might decide to remake it and go for something that
  9. @toolman great job on the pie cuts! Looking forward to seeing the finished product
  10. thanks everyone! appreciate the words. @AydinZ71I had a lot of it, just need to hammer and dolly it.
  11. Finished the driver side rear wheel well.
  12. ace race is good, stainless bros are also good. I always use one of these two.
  13. @AydinZ71 all mild steel, just ground down some of the welds for now. Still need to hammer them out but limited on time at the moment. @NelsonianThanks! Hopefully start the other side in the next couple weeks. Glad to see everything finally coming together though.
  14. great progress so far. I just did the passenger side door jambs as well, starting the driver side shortly
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