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  1. going to start on the inner rocker panel next, hopefully have it finished this upcoming weekend.
  2. So much rust, so many patch panels
  3. I started removing the old rocker and replaced it with the new one. I was thinking of drilling holes in it just to plug weld it back to the car. Does anyone have any suggestions or input on doing it this way? Once the rocker panel was placed the rear lined up nicely but the front had a 1/2" gap between the door and the rocker. Ill need to cut the rocker and try lining it up better. Was also thinking of address the inside panel now that everything is open.
  4. @gerrud Thanks! I with the lower door skin already made I decided to mount it and see how well it fit. Marked the line and cut abour 1/4in below it, came back to clean it up with some shears then finished it with a file. The lower right hand corner had been previously brazed by the previous owner so we cut that out and bent up some more sheet metal.Ended up cleaning the outside edge with a flap disc and file. On areas like this I prefer to use a used flap disc just so it doesnt take to much metal away at once. Door skin was left bigger than the door so I had some room for fine tuning. Bottom edge of the door was folded over and extra material slowly trimmed from the door skin.
  5. @Jboogsthethug I cant take all the credit for the panels, I did buy the rocker panel (#16740L and #16740R) and dogleg? (#16750L and #16750R) from Tabco.
  6. Been very motivated lately. Made some good progress this saturday, cut a couple big sections but left enough there to have something for the clecos to grab onto. The passenger rear quarter is coming our nicely. Incase anyone is planning on knocking out a rear quarter I ended up bending my body line to 12.5 degrees. The body line right below the window is in line perfectly when I put the weatherstripping in. From what Ive been reading one of the more common ways to adjust body panels is starting with the door to the rear quarter. I currently have a 5mm gap+/-. Next ill be doing the door to the rocker. Opinions on the fender flare placement?
  7. Decided to just scrap the entire back peice. It was layers of filler and metal mixed together. Started remaking the patch panel on the back, ran out of time yesterday but got the basic shape. Still needs to be bent some more in the lower right hand corner and the exhaust opening still needs to be cut.
  8. https://www.alfaparts.net/dat300.html @Randallwvp Send Robin a message
  9. @Jboogsthethug thanks, Im still new to it but its definetly fun to do. I put the squares in as a grid because I didnt make a buck (form) I decided to try using lines to figure out what radius went where, it also helped when making the driver side panel. It gave me a template to follow. Ill snap some pictures of the two panels side by side, they arent 100% but for a jabroni they're good enough. I've been contemplating whether or not I should make the other patch panel I need, the one above the wheel. If I do decide to make it instead of purchasing one Ill probably make buck
  10. @EF Ian awesome thanks, I can across the site but wasnt sure on quality.
  11. thanks, going to grab some measurements from a local Z today and see where I sit.
  12. I ran into something similar on my Z, I was pretty bummed about it too but I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. In my opinion if your looking at taking it to a body shop thats going to add up quick especially because you dont know how far the previous repairs go. I would pull off the filler and paint myself and see if there is anything you can do to fix it yourself before taking it in. Even if you decide to take it in it will be cheaper if you remove the existing filler yourself.
  13. this looks great! good job on the blasting and painting. Where did you source your rear quarter panels from? Im having a hell of a time trying to find some and wanted to avoid making them.
  14. Looking to see if anyone can grab some dimensions for me. -need a dimension from the red line on the door to the yellow body line, from the looks of it when the panel was replaced on this car the body line was moved down. -need a dimension from the yellow body line to the bottom of the rocker panel green body line. -need a dimension from the read body line to the blue circle, want to see how far off the bumper bolts were placed. Another thing is when people are placing there body panels on the car and trying to get half decent panel gaps are they temporarily installing the weather stripping? or is there another way of doing this?
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