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  1. Derek at Datsunworks already makes a bellhousing. They're sold through Godzilla Raceworks.
  2. calZ

    Ms3x install

    I'm not surprised 1-3 are light with how the Protunerz manifold is designed. That short side radius is too tight for great distribution. It would be interesting to see how the balance was with the new Milkfab intake. If you lived closer I'd be willing to let you put mine on for testing.
  3. Super clean bends! I love the organization. Are you planning on putting some insulation on the AC lines?
  4. Lucky Dog would probably be a good organization for your car. Much more fun/$ than SCCA or the like anyway.
  5. The latest generation of printers has made it pretty dang easy. They're basically as easy to use as paper printers at this point. Learn some basic modeling skills from YouTube and you're off to the races.
  6. We usually call it a balance bar in English
  7. https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/131611-speedhut-fuel-gauge-and-metermatch/
  8. Not sure where they source theirs, but that's a BRE "Spook" style chin spoiler. You can still get the ducted version from BRE, and multiple other places make a non-ducted version. Here's one https://www.thezstore.com/product/625/bre-style-front-spoiler-fiberglass-70-874-240z-260z
  9. I think the T-56 is so big that you have to. It's fine to leave them if the trans fits between them.
  10. I meant to ask this before, but can you give some more details on the timing setup? It looks like you're using the stock Mercedes guides. What did you have to do to get those to fit the block?
  11. Have you read any about the Mk60 standalone systems? I'm in the process of putting one in my Z. They aren't quite on the level of a Bosch Motorsports system, but tons of people are using them effectively in racing.
  12. Ceramic spacers were my thought as well. You'll still get heat transfer through the bolts, but much less than two metal plates sandwiches together.
  13. Specifically a used OEM one? RockAuto seems to have a few different options for rebuilds
  14. Is there some type of coating on the hub splines? From your second picture, it looks like something is either peeling or being machined off as you slide it on. I would try cleaning out the hub splines with a wire brush. It surprises me sometimes how little it takes to really jam up things with a tight fit.
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