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  1. I have a Miller Diversion 180. It's been great for my needs....but it has limited features and still runs about $2K...so I'm not sure it's exactly a great bargain.
  2. Very interesting project, I will definitely follow. What year did IMSA allow sections of the GTU cars to be replaced by tube structure? I used to watch the races as a kid, and in '78/'79 they all still had the full OEM body that was reinforced with tubing. Sometime in the early-mid '80s, they were suddenly all tube frame "silhouette" cars with little or none of the OEM body remaining. I'm just not sure exactly when the change occurred. I wanted to also add, that is a huge project. If you can complete it in 12 months, my hat is off to you...
  3. Thanks for the link. Coincidentally, I called Essex yesterday and talked to their "brake pad guy"....might have been this same dude...not sure. Anyway, he told me that currently their closest thing to a perfect pad is the DS3.12....which is what I have installed. He asked me if I had heat cycled them yet, which I have not. He said he was very confident that once I had heat cycled them, their cold bite will greatly improve. My "Z" as set up is a bit of a challenge for brakes. I am definitely going to need high heat capacity on track as the car can build mo
  4. Just a quick blurb: I think it is a mistake for any business to overly rely on Facebook. I don't FB, never will, because I disapprove of the company and their business model. Many, many others feel the same....
  5. I agree with above, that it is more the reaction of the company to fixing mistakes that counts. Nothing in a small market like this is ever going to be developed and tested to perfection prior to release. I've had a lot of experiences with the "Z" after market while building my car, as like many here virtually nothing on it is OEM Datsun. I've had very clear and definite problems with several company's components, which I articulated and documented (including video) and communicated to the company that made them. The response, more often than not, has been crickets
  6. Yeah I noticed that too. Each set of these pads costs $300-$500....trying new ones is getting expensive....lol I thought about putting in "street pads" and just swapping them out at the track. This would be a bit of a PITA, but the big problem is I don't think anyone makes street compounds for the AP calipers.
  7. I've tried both the 2500 and the DS3.12. Both to some degree have the "no cold bite" issue, but I found the DS3.12 to be the better of the two. I've used the 2500 in my other track car for many years. In that application it's been great.
  8. My current pads are good hot, but terrifying cold. Since I don't plan to trailer the car to the track, it's a problem. I'm probably looking for that magic bullet pad that doesn't exist.
  9. Out of curiosity, what pad compound do you use?
  10. Thanks. I remember your car has large rear flares. Do they get absolutely peppered with rocks? I think part of my mistake was driving the car without the front fenders installed...but I got rock chips on the front of the rear over-fenders and on the leading edge of the doors. There was literally like two fist-fulls of gravel deposited on the inside of the rear over-fenders. The front fenders will solve the issue with the leading edge of the doors, but in the rear I decided some kind of protective coating was the only option. I also made some tight fitting fender lin
  11. My first response to the fuel cell next to the driver's seat is horror, but why not I guess? Really no more dangerous than having it in the hatch area. Maybe safer, in terms of less likely to take a major hit. But don't the rules require a metal partition around it, and either braided steel lines or hard lines? Or am I all messed up and that's not a fuel cell?
  12. I could have.... I already had significant rock chipping from one short drive. This would have needed touching up, or even a repaint...before PPF. I was blown away by the amount of gravel thrown up by the soft compound tires. The Raptor Liner killed two birds with one stone. I really like Raptor Liner. It is affordable, easy to use, durable, and simple to seamlessly retouch. I thought about doing the tintable Raptor Liner and matching the paint, but decided this is a track car, not a show car, and just went with black. I would have had to outsource the P
  13. I added a couple of coats of Raptor Liner to the areas I knew would almost immediately receive rock chips if left unprotected. I'm not crazy about how it looks, but figured it's either that or pock-marked paint. Now I have to let the car sit for a while. Raptor Liner "mostly" dries fairly quickly, but remains soft for a surprisingly long period of time....I am going to refrain from driving the car for at least a week while it fully hardens.
  14. I think the Borla and Magnaflow straight-through mufflers are fairly equivalent. The key is just to have as much volume (large mufflers) as you can find a place for. I have two large Magnaflows under the fuel cell (lots of heat shielding) and they have good ground clearance. But, to accomplish that....I raised the fuel cell a couple of inches when I was designing the rear end of the car. Which, of course, raises CG a bit.... Everything is a tradeoff.
  15. This is the resonator(s) I used: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vpe-1794 As far as ground clearance, I have a couple of low spots, but the header collectors are the lowest. I would like to see someone build 1 7/8" long tube headers and dual 3" exhaust without winding up with compromised ground clearance. I sure as hell couldn't find a way to do it. If you went with single 4" exhaust you could better tuck it into the driveshaft tunnel and pick up ground clearance without losing much (if any) flow, but the headers would still be a problem.
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