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  1. I didn’t notice any difference over the old parts. Was actually much quieter and smooth due to the tired welded r200 that was in it. Yes srt4 coilovers.
  2. Yes I added some square tubing to reinforce it.
  3. Chiming in after installing and putting a few miles on the mustang 5 lug swap. The install it’s self is fairly straight forward. One thing to note off the bat is this will move the wheel forward in the fender well about 3/4 of an inch. Not a huge issue if you are doing flares or If you are planning on smaller tires. I am running a tallish tire up front at 25.4” so my clearance may be more exaggerated than others. This seems to be the only side effect that I found installing everything. Here is what I used -2014 Mustang spindles w/ wheel hubs -2014 Mustang LCA’s (only use the ends of them where the balljoint is -Apex Engineering Bump Steer Kit (for these I found it best to grind the little lip off the taper to follow the taper to better engage the knuckle.) -2003-2005 neon srt4 BC Coilovers (cut the ears off and made new ones to mate to the knuckle -silvermine camber plates -2012 GT500 Front Brembo Calipers -Stoptech 14” rotors -Hawk pads The car drives great. Goes dead straight to 160mph. No weird vibrations. And I actually feel that my steering feels lighter with a 265 wide tire now compared to 225s. Overall very happy with the swap. Brakes are badass. I don’t have the nasty vibration in my Steering wheel I used to have. Alignment was easy to setup. And I have all the adjustability I’d ever need
  4. Ok so here’s my review of the super 8.8 swap. So far after putting a couple miles on it. Including planting down all of 800whp/700wtq. Going on multiple 100mph+ pulls and 160mph today. Simply put it kicks ass. So just a little background to start. The car used to have a welded R200, factory half shafts, and Eibach lowering springs. Wheels and tires were 16x8.5 on 245/50/16. Now the car has the super 8.8 diff from a 6 speed eco boost mustang 3.31 iron case, 800hp intermediate shafts on factory mustang inner and outer CV’s, and BC Coilovers. 305/35/18 on 18x11s. The first thing of note going from the welded diff to the super 8.8 lsd is the butter smooth no longer fully locked diff. That alone made a huge difference for me. No more hopping around and feeling like the back of the car is gonna fall apart. Secondly the super 8.8 is MASSIVE. But the cradle is equally well equipped to keep it snug and in its place. It is a tight fit getting the diff into the small S30 chassis, but it does fit in there nicely. Driving the car around you would never know there was a 100lb monster diff bolted up to the car. It’s that good even with the poly mounts on the mustache bar and the front diff mounts. Now for the performance. Well since I got my car tuned I haven’t been able to put down the 800whp till now and it literally dead hooks second no fuss dead straight all the way up to 160mph. Couldn’t ask for anymore in that department because before it was ok where is the car going to kick and is a half shaft going to explode. (I’ve broken 6 now with the r200) For anyone on the fence about getting a super 8.8 in their car with this mount kit and uprights. Hop on off of that fence and come on over. Trust me its quite nice over here.
  5. So for the 9.8 and 9.9 passes they were on a 26x8 Hoosier bias ply. The fenders are trimmed they cleared there no problem but were a bit tight to the factory spring perch.
  6. Put the burners on them. Its nice to not have to make as much horsepower as all the heavier cars.
  7. Those are amazing wheels and I have been eyeing them but i need an 11” wheel out back too.
  8. And this brings us to current day. Plans from here are 8.8 rear, coilovers, flares, 5 lug, and new wheels/tires to start it off. Looking to go 180mph+ in the half and starting off sub 9.50@150+
  9. I didnt have enough time to address the exhaust before the tune as the blower was still in a different state the day before. So I brought it in open xpipe and it had a y to a single 3” and that just wasnt going to flow enough. Off to the exhaust shop for a 3” y to single 4” and straight through vibrant 4” muffler.
  10. I fought belt alignment issues for a good month or so and after destroying a couple belts I think it was finally straightened out. So it was dyno time. Still only had 245s on the car so it wouldnt hold after 5800rpm. But at 5800rpm on 12psi it made 751whp/685wtq. So with another almost 1000rpm on tap I dont doubt its making over 800whp now.
  11. Got a killer deal on a c6 corvette procharger kit. D1SC, 10% lower, boost cam, meth going on. After the radiator support was cut out the whole kit dang near fell together.
  12. The goals have been met. That means its time for more power. From here I started brain storming. Turbo? Twin turbo? Badass na ls7? Supercharger?
  13. So this met one of my goals for the car. 170mph in the 1/2 now all I needed was a 9 second pass at over 140mph. And just my luck there was a track rental the same day. So I loaded the car up. And headed north about 4 hours to sac raceway. First pass. Grenaded a half shaft. Not a great start. So i ditched the 2 step as it was just too much for the stock half shafts and I just couldnt work the pedal right. Made some more passes after that to a best of 9.8@143. 2 goals met in the same day. Decided to make one more pass on motor as I still havent made one with the slicks on. And well........ I found a second neutral in the t56 where 3rd gear was. No grind. No gear nothing. After a swift yank it popped out and like magic all the gears were still there. And heres a pic of one of the axles that made the 9 second pass.
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