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RIP John Coffey (johnc)


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Ohh no.... Damn. That is terrible. Though I did not know him personally, his knowledge and expertise have been very influential on me. I know it is a very small consolation to the family, but I hope that the knowledge he bestowed on this site can remain here to guide others. 


Thanks for everything JohnC. RIP. You will be missed. 

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I'm absolutely sick about this.  Tears and everything.  John was the most kind, level-headed, thoughtful, smart guy I ever knew.  His Z and car posts, his FB posts were always top notch and human.  If I could only be the man he was.  My condolences to his family and friends.

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When I had my meltdown and left the HZ ranks as an admin, John was the ONE GUY who talked with me, texted with me, and was "that guy" who just said "Let it go man, move on and know you contributed a lot". He contributed 100X thru his level headed approach to everything he did. Just told my wife in the 18 years I knew him, I'd met him 4 times face to face, and spoken with him on the phone a number of times. He NEVER said a bad thing about anyone, and I never heard him lose his temper with anyone. John Coffey was the classiest of class acts and he will so be missed.


Time is precious and not guaranteed. Tell those who mean that much to you how much they do, because, as this news has fallen on us all to prove the point, you just don't know.


Godspeed John Coffey. You will be missed.


Mike Kelly

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