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Which is best 240z rear disk brake conversion kit?

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For those who have actually gone thru an early z-car rear disk brake converstion, which kit is "best?" I'm looking for ease of install, completeness of kit, least amount of modification to kit needed, most hardware provided, e-brake compatability, etc. My plan is to install 2 calipers on each rear wheel, 1 for regular brakes and a second for a hydraulic drifting brake. I expect that I will need to buy 2 kits and have the caliper bracket modified, or a new once made up using one that works as a template. Please tell me your successes and your woes. I'd like to buy a kit and limit fabrication on my end.

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i have had 3. the oe drum brake setup-which [in my opinion] is sufficient for most z's which don't see extended track time. if your doing significant track events [not drags] and are using your brakes beyond upgraded shoes for the drums then you may consider an upgrade.


if you're looking for bling then the silvermine or mml kits are not it-suggest you look at daves stuff at arizona z.


my first upgrade was the 240sx rear caliper kit that modern motorsport offers. i think if i didn't run my z so hard at the track it would have worked ok. but i do.


found that i could not get sufficiently balanced front to rear [not enough rears] evening with no prop valve and more aggresive pads in the rear than front, so i sold it and moved on.


so, now i have the silvermine rear kit. like the mml 240sx they use off the shelf consumables [pads, calipers & rotors] you can source nearly anywhere-great when you want to go to the corner parts store [or at the track and run out of ...]. the sm kit uses a ford mustang rotor [redrilled for 4 lugs in my fitment] and caliper. i can easily adjust bias and my ebrake works [can't get this with the others]. i can also attest to the fact that edan [sm owner] provides top notch customer service and he is EASY to reach, even on weekends! nuff said


i've reconfigured my sm kit [with nigel's help-thanks!] so now i used an aftermarket ebrake cable as well as switched sides with the calipers for easy bleeding. now i love it. the ebrake now holds, even on steep hills!


most importantly, and as john c so poetically illustrates for us-there is NO best for any application here on hbz...

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rally- that looks the same as the motorsport auto kit. Anybody got experience with the motor sport auto "z-store" kit? I'd love somebody to write a camparison article comparing the problems/issues that one has with each of the different calipers: 280zx, maxima, and 240sx. Seems every kit uses one of these as its basis.

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Hey do you have a post on the build i am interested in doing the 4pot 4x4 in the rear thanks.




No I don't yet . But I will be offering the brackets for all members soon for the rear conversion. pm me for info and interest don't wanna thread jack

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