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With setup and programming fees, new cartridges, cores, core cleanup, etc. its not cost effective - at least here in SoCal. I've researched it and given that the total sales will be 50 units over 5 y

One day and nearly sold out... that is demand alright!

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There was dyno testing done using the pump as well for evaluating the difference in quantifiable ways under controlled load conditions. That was also posted but it was general information not excel tables and charts... Mainly because I don't know if posting those is different from photos, and second because it was $1,600 of personal money spent quantifying it and I just don't feel like giving specifics away for free when the majority of punters who would access it wouldn't appreciate it anyway. It's always anybody's perogative to conduct testing on their own and share the results. There are limits to my generosity and the site is set up for self-directed learning. Things that seem unrelated aren't, and those that seemingly are related directly--aren't! Searching is hit and miss inside the box. We aren't Dewey-Systemized here!

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Are you sure the Ebay type are actually the Diesel pumps? I purchased two from a US seller who assured me they were LD type only to find they were stock gas style pumps.


I'm unfamiliar with that brand as I'm in australia, are they a good brand? The pump I got from Nissan Japan was Atsugi, but I could buy four of yours for the price of one Atsugi LD28 pump! Lol.


Looks like these could be worth a try, thanks for posting the info!

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Doesn't that look like an "in-between" pump? The impeller and its shaft are smaller diameter, but the casting, or divider, for flow control is short like the diesel pump. Referring to Post #22. Looks like a hybrid of those two.

The impeller and housing are most definitely the LD28. Got mine on order.

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We're getting circular here. That was my point, it "looks" like the gas impeller. Plus, why would they cast and machine the small shaft hole in the big impeller, unless they wanted to use the small shaft so they could use a small bearing and seal. The details don't make sense.


No biggy, just pointing out a difference. A measurement would tell the story.

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