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Remember I was joking about picking up 260z cars at the same time?   http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/111244-evil-z-final-version/

Leon.   WOW - CLSD plus 3.9:1 plus higher gear ratios from the 5 speed... very nice!   Regarding your tail section and grill section.  I had mine powder coated satin black.  Th

It's been long enough! The car has been on the road for a few years now and I needed to catch up on some maintenance and upgrades this past Friday. On the to-do list was some maintenance, mainly diagn

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15 hours ago, Leon said:

Right on man, thanks! The scan data is currently being converted into a solid model (it's raw form is STL) so hopefully I'll have something today. Do you have a preferred file format?

I'm working in Solidworks, so a step, parasolid, or Solidworks part file will all work. The Step or SW Part file would be preferable. When ever you get the file, my email is: andrew.mielke74@gmail.com


That's awesome that you have access to a 3d scanner! That would make life so much easier when trying to model pieces that have complex shapes!



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Leon, I got the email with the file! Thank you for sharing! I was able to put the wheel into the rear brake assembly and it appears to have more clearance then my interpretation of your measurements. They look like they will fit perfectly. In return for sending me the scan, I’ll gladly shoot you my bracket models if you’d like.

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4 hours ago, lowrider said:

Leon, I got the email with the file! Thank you for sharing! I was able to put the wheel into the rear brake assembly and it appears to have more clearance then my interpretation of your measurements. They look like they will fit perfectly. In return for sending me the scan, I’ll gladly shoot you my bracket models if you’d like.

Great! I appreciate that man, send them over. Would love to have a look.

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I haven't had the time to swap in the new bits due to family commitments and race car stuff. I did drive the Z down to Laguna Seca for the Historics yesterday and man is this car terrible to drive! The lack of suspension travel makes for an abysmal experience and the rev-hang in between shifts is really aggravating. I won't drive the car again until I can swap the suspension.


The rev-hang needs further investigation but the symptoms point more to a vacuum leak than a linkage issue. I'll do a quick linkage check and then put some smoke through the trumpets to see if we're leaking air anywhere.


Reinstalling a speaker so I can finally use the radio, in combination with the above, will go a long way to really refining the car.

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I'm super jelly about the historics. I wanted to go but already had a family camping trip on the books months ago. Apparently the wife would much rather camp next to a river than a race track. :-(


I'm mildly worried that my suspension will be a bit rougher than I remember. We'll see how bad it is shortly. Worse case I'm going to find some OEM springs and cut if necessary. With as much weight as I've dropped I'd be riding pretty high I bet... Long run I think I've decided a full donor swap is necessary. I don't want to mess around modifying the stock bits to be better when I can spend that time engineering a drop in solution that's much closer to right all around.

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Looks like it's time for an update! I finally installed the struts we sectioned last year, got the ride height and alignment settings dialed, and installed the Watanabes. The ride is so much better now that I have some bump travel in the suspension, this was a huge step to refining the car.


I installed fresh seals and bearings but the brakes were swapped over from the old uprights as I didn't find any good rear disk kits that fit 15's. It would've been nice to make my own conversion but I just haven't had the time.


Alignment spec, for my record keeping. I'd prefer less rear toe but otherwise it's surprisingly even!


Getting closer to being "done"...







Next on the list of cosmetic updates is installing that NIB Nismo Compe steering wheel handle. There are plenty of little things to do and loose ends to tie up. For the sake of not forgetting:

  • change the oil and check valve adjustment
  • reseal carbs and intake manifold, smoke test indicates possible leak at cold start units and carb-to-manifold gaskets
  • fabricate and install longer throttle rod for throttle cable, set pedal stop
  • connect manifold vacuum to distributor
  • install Mallory FP
  • install wideband and finish the tune
  • fix tach and speedo
  • tidy up distributor wiring
  • fix tail-lamp bulb housing
  • install a PCV catch can
  • replace the water bottle radiator expansion tank with something more fitting
  • install a speaker so I can listen to the radio
  • install misc missing fasteners on bumper trim, front air dam, interior trim
  • replace center console
  • connect cold-start mechanism and re-mount choke bracket (if I need to)
  • track down some sweet period-looking bucket seats
  • put together a rear disk kit for 15's
  • other things

My buddies were egging me on after seeing the car to install a BRE trunk spoiler, painted black to match the front air dam. I'd never intended to put one on the car but I'll have to at least consider it. :)

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Adding to the list
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I've been driving the Z sparingly due to work and family but I dusted it off this week while I had a couple days off and actually put a wrench on it. I replaced a frozen fan clutch. Yay!

I've also been having an issue ever since I swapped out the struts, the rear brakes lock up after parking the car. I transferred the brakes over to the new struts so something happened in that transition. Turns out just the right rear parking brake adjuster keeps adjusting, every time I put the handbrake on. I can yank on the handle multiple times and it just keeps on ratcheting until the brake locks up. I haven't have time to diagnose yet so I've disconnected the right rear clevis for now.


Still plenty of things to do but I'll whittle away as time allows. Happy New Year everyone!



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