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Euro 240z tail light conversion, and series 1 hatch on 280z


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People ask how much Money I've got in my car, I try to tell them it's not as much as you might think.


Here's why http://www.ebay.com/itm/221185362843?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649


$373 is all I paid..... I watch E-bay, Craigslist like a HAWK!!! These go for close to, or just over $1000 all day long. I've wanted euro 240z lights for EVER!


I also picked up a series 1 Hatch for $40 local on Craigslist, vertical defrost lines, vents under glass, the real deal.


Now I'm thinking I'll paint the hatch, swap my euro 280z lights for these 240z's and look like a series 1 :)


From the day I bought my car I kept in the back of my head that I'll still look for a 240z because that's what I "really want" Well that never happened.


Am I crazy for wanting to swap the dash? It'll probably never happen....

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The best my L turbo set up ever ran was 388whp 403tq, but After I fixed the spark issue it felt better than that! it continued to pull to redline which was 6800 I think? I think that motor broke 400whp?


Now my RB30 is a different animal altogether! I really don't like to throw numbers of what I think it is out there, But my guess would be 500whp or better? But the biggest difference I feel is the L would pull strong and then slightly taper off as it got to redline as though it's running out of airflow or something??? The RB30 pulls strongly to redline but it only gets better and better and better until the rev limiter of 7200 cuts it off! This baby makes more power the higher you rev it! which makes me think on a dyno that is going to equal some big numbers.


My plans are to go to the dyno ASAP, Especially now that I have this GoPro camera.

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Tony, can you add me to the "cars & parts" portion of your will-pretty please?!

I basically gave away six pairs of those in the late 90's under the logic of "how many do I really need"?


As most here know, I have recovered from that flawed logic and no longer sell or give things away. I keep it, and add to the pile.

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I remember my dad had a pair,my parents split and mom had a yard sale one day, damn had I known then I would've kept them, I was like 9, but I clearly remember someone took them euros for $40 bones. My mom didn't care for them, they were in a box.




The Guilt.


The Shame.


The Haunting Memories!!!

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Nice. I did the same thing only with much less expensive taillights haha. I got the lights and series 1 hatch from a few mechanics here in Boston for really cheap. Now all I need are 240z front turn signals and the transformation will be complete! at least for the outside anyway.

You and me both, I can't find a good pair of 240z turn signals w/out someone price gouging the heck out of me...

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One mans gouging is another man's reasonable.


What price do YOU put on "no longer available" when you need it (as opposed to merely WANTING it?)


Crack Whore or Call Girl: one could argue the call girl is gouging...and in the same breath, Crackie overcharging as well... All a matter of degrees.


You want your Z to be available for $2 and a pair of shoes, or more than that?

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