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Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

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What is the price?  Guess I missed it somewhere.


I'd be down for a set.

Hey mate.


Price isnt finalised yet... and i wont know untill i get quotes on larger batches.... this prototype set is costing a packet due to only 2 plates being cut and machined and program setup costs. I also will have to factor in the cable costs...but everyone obviously will have the option of sorting their own cable.


Thanks for your interest !

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Got the Plates/Brackets back from the Machinist today. I have fitted them up....PERFECT !.....See attached pics


Next step is to get a handbrake cable sorted, but before that I need to remove the spring from the strut, and use a Trolley Jack underneath the suspension  to move the strut through its normal travel to ensure that the back-side of the MC4 Caliper doesn't foul on the bodywork.


The only thing that may need to be done when fitting, is to actually remove about 0.5mm of Pad material from the Outer Brake pad....Its just a tad tight.  I envisaged this would be the case from the 3D Model, and it has proven to be the case. Unfortunately it was a real juggling act to come up with a happy compromise regarding the Caliper offsets etc, and this was the easiest most cost effective way of getting everything in line without much more machining (and therefore cost). I don't see this to be a problem anyway.


I am heading overseas on Monday for 2 weeks, so its going to be at least 3 weeks until I can resume work and get it all finalised, but rest assured, with the major part now done, I'm eager to get it finished !


I look forward to your comments...






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Excellent job dude!.....what rim size do you think this will work with? The lever sticks up pretty high ...or is that just because there is no cable attached ?...I am hoping it clears my 16s.


Hey !


I have 16's on My car, and there are no clearance problems....the lever does stick up pretty high, but its actually about 2" inboard of the wheels inner lip. Perhaps extra wide rims may be a problem.

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OK...The Wheels I'm running (for now !) are Performance Superlites 16x7 12P Offset. The handbrake lever DOES protrude out further than the inner rim diameter, BUT, the lever is actually further inboard that the Strut Tower...so if your wheels don't rub on your strut tube, then they wont foul with the handbrake lever. This is kinda hard to imagine, but the MC4 mechanism is quite 'busy'...Check out the attache pic - i tried to capture just how far inboard the lever is...you can see the strut tube in the lower right of pic, and the HB lever is further inboard.


I have taken a photo (attached)...showing the offset from the wheel mounting face, to the handbrake lever itself...its 150mm


I am going away on Monday for nearly 3 weeks, but i will confirm all this information upon my return.







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Very good design however I went with aluminum at different cost to have it made and used the Wilwood mounting plate for the MC4 caliper to which the float pins are mounted through.


I cant seem to add a picture so here is my link to the picture



Write up on the upgrade is on my page http://www.my240z.info/upgrade/ebrake

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UPDATE : September 28 2016.


Since returning from my vacation I have done the following...


* Removed the spring from my strut, then refitted the strut. I then jacked up that corner with a jack, through the struts full range of travel to make sure the handbrake lever doesnt foul on the body - It doesnt...all good !

* Had to do a minor machining modification to get the Main Caliper offset spot-on.

* Finalised the drawing for the Handbrake cable - Its with the manufacturer now, and i "should" have it back in about 10 days.


Once I get the cable, I will fit it, put the wheels on, and thoroughly put the new handbrake through its paces to ensure functionality is right. After this, I will be happy to take orders if anyone is interested still. I'm really excited about this - having a STRONG handbrake caliper is going to be great...My last kit with the spot caliper was lacking due to the poor design of the caliper..too small a pad area and and adjustments required too frequently. The MC4 caliper is a vast improvement, and i can see its clamping force is going to be considerable.


Thanks for your patience everyone.....

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Pricing .... At this point....No..I dont have anything worked out yet...as with everything, R&D costs quite a bit...and this is no exception....1 set of plates cut, one set machined, then re-machined, one cable...It hasnt been cheap.


So, when i have a better idea of numbers, i will be able to get more accurate prices...Buying in Bulk saves heaps


Having said this...lets get the ball rolling with an "Expression Of Interest" list..... Add your name to the list if you are interested. NOTE : You wont be held accountable if you add your name, but change your mind....its merely for me to get an idea on numbers....


Please Note : This kit has been developed as an 'add-on' for the AZC Rear Disc Brake Kit. The Bracket replaces the original AZC bracket, which allows for the addition of the Wilwood MC4 Handbrake Calipers (Not included in my kit), but everything else remains the same. If your Rears are NOT AZC, then I cannot guarantee correct fit. Also, my Rear Calipers are Dynalite Pro 4 Spots...which i believe have been superseded..Please check if YOUR Calipers have the same Critical dimensions (Mounting Crs, Centre to Mounting Face) as mine. I have attached a Picture of said Calipers, as well as the Critical Dimensions (Red Boxes).






* Ereschkigal 


* RB26powered74zcar



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Is this the same caliper? http://arizonazcar.com/rear4lug3.jpg

I haven't bought the AZC Kit yet, but I will.

Edit: If I compare the pictures, it looks like the same caliper.


Yes, almost indistinguishable from that photo, but they are slightly different in appearance (more 'rounded' on edges etc)...Im pretty sure that dimensionally they will be the same.

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I bought my kit from arizona Z about 2 years ago and this is my rear caliper...subtle differences ...im sure its fine i just gotta measure to double check .







Yeah....Pretty sure they will be the same dimensionally. I would hate peeps to have fitment problems, hence the reason for notifying peeps about my calipers v yours etc.

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